Hello! Welcome back to another review for The Ridonculous Race. Today's review is going to be on the episode Down and Outback. So let's get started.

Okay, so it starts off with Devin still being upset about the whole breakup with Shelly. Later on, he starts to deny the breakup and says that it was a misunderstanding. Carrie then tries to tell him that it wasn't, but Devin wouldn't listen. Then Carrie starts to interact with Spud about Devin's breakup. Spud tells her that Devin's just going through the stages of a breakup and starts to reenact an instrumental song about it, much to Carrie's annoyance at first. Spud then tells her that the second stage is angry. Carrie then sees if she can get Devin angry at Shelly later on in the end.

I personally am curious about how this who Carrie-Devin-Shelly thing is gonna play out and Carrie still has yet to tell him her feelings that she has for him. If Devin continues not to listen, I really don't know what's gonna become of them. Unless if this situation is gonna be pushed off till the end or their elimination episode, but let's face it, they're probably going to be in the finale. Though I'm not 100% sure, but it's probably true.

We get onto the Stepbrothers. I personally think that they were hilarious in this episode. I don't like very much, but really I found them to be funny. So they're probably gonna be switched to neutral for me since I'm still so-so on them. I laughed at the part where they confused a kangaroo with an albino rabbit. Lol and then they confuse the real one with a magget.

The Cadets were good in this episode in my opinion. MacArthur was good, but Sanders was sorta bleh this time around.

For Emma and Kitty, they had no lines and have done absolutely nothing surprisingly. Same with Dwayne and Junior as well. The Surfer Dudes got lines, but I feel like they didn't anything special ether. Oh and same to Noah and Owen. Though the only thing with them was with that scene where Owen blew a disgusting fart in the glider.

Onto the Daters/Haters. I just have to say this, I hope they go soon. I mean they'd be lucky if they make it through another episode. And the constant fighting is getting kinda redundant and annoying.

As for the Ice Dancers, they were awesome as always! I loved how Josee tricked the Cadets and Surfer Dudes. Her interaction with Ennui was priceless, despite it only being a few seconds. Also, Jacques was pretty funny.

Now as far as the Goths go. Yay, they actually get some screen time again! They're scenes were hilarious and well done for this episode that is, because the previous episodes they were getting kinda silent again. But it's good to see them getting screen time again and I hope they continue to get more. Anyway, the bunnies getting attracted to Ennui was pretty funny. Oh and their new bunny Loki is actually kinda cute in my opinion.

The elimination could've been handled better in my opinion. I mean why would Don need to confirm it if it was a double elimination? Though he did forget, but really? I personally didn't really see the double elimination coming tbh. Though I like the interaction between the Rockers and Stepbrothers.

So that ends my review on Down and Outback. Stay tuned for Maori or Less.

Overall rating: 9.5/10

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