Welcome back to another review! And sadly the season is coming to an end, but anyway let’s just get on with the review.

Ok, so this episode the teams have to travel to Darjeeling, India. The challenge is that they have to fill a basket with tea leaves and then bring them over to get them approved by a local. Once the local approves, they will get their next travel tip. Teams must then take a train over to the Chill Zone, though the teams have to make their way to the first train car in order to exit. I thought this challenge was ok tbh, but a little better than the previous one.

I guess I’ll talk about the Ice Dancers first. I thought they were good in this episode and it was clever on how they tricked the Sisters. I also found it funny where Jacques was trying to detach the train car and Josee was like “try the lever.” However, they did end up getting another penalty for doing that, but this time it was for an hour. Also, I think I figured out their karma. I’m not 100% sure if this will happen, but since they prize gold and winning the most, I think they’re gonna keep getting penalties. Or maybe a penalty will cost them the win or their elimination. Idk, just a thought.

Now for the Sisters. As you may know Emma and Kitty are one of my fave teams. They actually had some pretty good and funny moments this episode. Like the one scene about the hair was funny, where Kitty’s hair started turning afro-ish. Then we have the scene where Kitty slaps Devin and Emma gives him some words and supposedly tells him that Carrie's been in love with him. I'm beginning to like the Sisters a lot more now.

Speaking of Carrie and Devin, I kinda found it annoying on how Devin kept getting interrupted when he was trying to tell Carrie he loves her. I don't have much to say about Carrie, but she was a little less boring in this episode.

The Cadets were good in this episode in my opinion. We start out with MacArthur still feeling bad for Sanders and then we have Sanders now taking charge. (see how long that lasts) Also, admittedly I kinda lol'ed at the fact that they thought Devin unhooked the train cars. When it was really the Ice Dancers, but surprisingly they (MacArthur) didn't suspect it was them. Anyway, I'm starting to like this team a little more. At first I was kinda eh, but now I kinda like them.

As for the Haters or should I say Daters again. Finally they get eliminated, which means they won't be in the finale thank goodness. Anyway, they were somewhat good until the end where they just started dating again/making out. Also kinda forgetting what they were there for.

Anyway, that concludes my review on Darjeel With It. Hope you enjoyed reading.

Overall rating: 7/10

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