Hello everyone! Welcome back to yet another Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race review. So yeah, let's just get started.

So in this episode the teams travel to Cần Thơ, Vietnam. Three teams must team up to go catfish noodling. If one them catches a Ridonculous Race catfish, then they get a zip-it ticket and head straight to the Chill Zone. If they don't get the catfish, then they must take a taxi to a tunnel full of traps to get directions to the Chill Zone from the Don Box.

We have the Cadets flaunting their victory to the Ice Dancers. The Ice Dancers then say in the confessional that it's like they won a gold medal in treachery for eliminating the Goths. Then we have Devin realizing that he needs to step up his game to try and win Carrie over, despite being blind from the pepper in the previous episode.

I guess I'll talk about the Haters first. They still annoy me, but were a little better in this episode. In fact this has to be one of their best episodes overall. Stephanie and Ryan have actually become natural for me now, but I still kind of don't like them. Then we have Stephanie noticing Ryan's hands and says that his hands are hot. (lol) Anyway, that maybe a sign that she'd gonna fall back in love with him, or they'll continue hating each other. My guess is that they'll continue to hate.

Emma and Kitty have actually done pretty decent in the challenge. Also, their interaction with Carrie wasn’t that bad either. Even though she was just asking for advice about Devin. The Sisters are actually one of my fave teams and I can see them going a bit further.

For Carrie and Devin, we all know how Devin couldn’t see very well because of the pepper juice being in his eyes. I did actually think it was hilarious when he put the crocodile in the boat, leading it to eat all the fish. I for one thought they were a bit boring this episode, but not too much though. I just really hope they actually get a chance to tell each other how they feel.

The Cadets and the Ice Dancers in my opinion are the teams that made this episode. Both teams are awesome and it was an omg moment how Josee and MacArthur actually worked together (well teamed up) to sabotage the other super team. Yet they hate one another deeply. Also, I’m curious on this whole axis of evil alliance will work out and how long it’ll actually last. Since they chose to keep it together till the final three. But really, it’s just manly between the Ice Dancers and Cadets, as Stephanie and Ryan are just involved due to being in the same boat. All three teams were tied for first.

Now for Geoff and Brody. They were the ones eliminated this episode. For their overall appearance I thought they were okay tbh. I also found it funny and probably one of the funniest moments this episode, was when they both busted right through the wall while in the cave. It was also sweet how Brody helped save Emma from that trap. So anyway, it lead to their elimination when they let the Best Friends pass them to get to the Chill Zone. They were bummed about being eliminated, but then they seemed like they just wanted to go home and surf.

So that’s all for my review on Ca-Noodling. Hope you enjoyed and that’s all folks.

Overall rating: 10/10

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