Welcome back to another Ridonculous Race review. Since I just want to get on with it, let’s just get started.

Okay, so this episode the teams have to travel to Nassau, The Bahamas. They have to take a jet skit over to a dock, dive into the water, go through a cave, and collect a bag of treasure. It also has to be the person who got the tip from the Don Box. Then the teams must take a jet ski over to the Chill Zone and three pairs will move onto the grand finale.

So I’ll start out by talking about Geoff and Brody first. Okay, we all know they got eliminated, but WHAT THE F**K? THEY FREAKING RETURNED RIGHT BEFORE THE FINALE?! Okay, I can see if a team returns to like the final seven or eight or something, but not one episode before the finale. Like, we really didn’t need a returning pair at this point. Anyway, their overall performance in the episode wasn’t that bad. They actually did pretty well.

I found Sanders and MacArthur a bit funny this episode. Like the part where Sanders was driving the jet ski was funny, because she wanted to drive cautiously. But guess what… it’s the water not the street. You can go fast on a jet ski. Though enough about that lol. It was an omg moment when MacArthur decided (on her own) to save Josee’s life. Then after that the Ice Dancers and Cadets went back to their usual rivalry at the end. Oh and we also see Sanders actually carrying MacArthur to the Chill Zone this time after she got hit with a coconut. Also, as much as like the Ice Dancers, I think the Cadets should win tbh.

Speaking of Ice Dancers that’s who I’m talking about next. I thought they did ok tbh. Jacques was a little OOC though. Josee on the other was really good in this episode. I kinda liked the part where MacArthur saved her life, despite the two being mortal enemies. However, Josee later throws a coconut at MacArthur in order to slow the Cadets down. Josee and Jacques then take second place, securing themselves a spot in the finale.

Last but not least we have Emma and Kitty. They were pretty good in this episode, though it was really sad to see them get eliminated. They would’ve made a great team in the finale, but I didn’t quite see them winning though. Also, in the interview confessional Emma was explaining the details of when Kitty lost her bikini top in their pool on her 7th birthday. Also, calling it a case. Like that’s a more personal issue. I mean there’s a difference between talking about personal issues and being in a courtroom. So anyway, when Kitty got stuck in the cave she managed to hold her breath and swim up to the top in able to finish the challenge. What she did there was really brave of her. In the end just before the episode was completely over, Kitty asks Emma if she’ll call Noah and Emma said she will. Well, she better, because I absolutely adore Nemma♥.

So that concludes my review on Bahamarama. That’s all folks! Hope you enjoyed.

Overall rating: 7.2/10

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