Welcome back to another Ridonculous Race review. This review is obviously on the finale of the season. Let’s just get started.

So for the final episode the final three teams have to travel to New York City to get their next tip. The challenge is that they need to drive taxis to the Empire State Building, climb 86 flights of stairs, and get the tip attached to a briefcase. Then they must race to the midpoint of Central Park, then take a boat to the pond and search the bottom of the buoys for a combination to their respective briefcase. They then must race to the final Chill Zone. However, the third place team will be cut at the Central Park Chill Zone and will not advance. I personally thought that the challenge was pretty good to be honest.

Anyway, onto Josee and Jacques’ performance. I really liked them in this episode and they were funny during the taxi scene and when Josee was freaking out because of high traffic. I also found it funny when the supposed intern said to “honk like a normal person.” Jacques’ face when he was driving the taxi was priceless. lol When they got to the Chill Zone, they find out that they’re the third team to arrive and Josee smiles, but you also see wide eyes. I looked at that as a forced smile and thought “oh, here comes a tantrum.” She then began to actually throw one and Jacques had to physically stop her and tell her they lost. A hot dog cart then falls on them. By the way, I know people have said that the Ice Dancers got no karma. Well, if you think about it they actually did. They just didn’t get the extreme i.e. Alejandro and Scott. (I’m actually kinda happy they didn’t get extreme karma.) Anyway, since they love first place, but got silver before. Their karma was obviously getting third place; bronze, which is something they both despise and call it the “medal of failure.” Plus, it’s a way worser place for them. I still think it would’ve been kind of awesome if it were them vs. the Cadets in the final two. Though just imagine the strong rivalry if that were the case.

The Cadets did well in this episode in my opinion. In fact this is actually one of their best episodes in my opinion as well. When I first saw them, I was like “meh,” but then I began to like them a little more as the season went on. I also liked the part where Sanders impersonated the police serine. MacArthur was pretty funny, but she had some good moments too. I also noticed on how Sanders wasn’t tiring out on the stairs like in the first episode. They take second place behind the Surfers who won. I still think they should have though.

Speaking of the Surfers, I was somewhat annoyed that they actually won despite being eliminated. I get that they let Carrie and Devin stay in the game, but still, they were a returning team. Also, why the heck would a team return right before the finale? I understand if it was the final seven or eight, but one episode before the finale? Really? Anyway, enough about that. Their performance was ok I guess; however, I felt like they acted like dumba**s. Well, mainly because of the remote control boat scene. Though I like this team, but also kinda somewhat natural.

So that concludes my review on A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars.

I actually really loved this season. It’s been the best thing we’ve got in a while, but not quite as good as TDI. Though this is only a spin-off, but it’s still pretty good for one. I’m also happy I didn’t see any bald gags (thank goodness). I wasn’t really a fan of that gag to begin with, except Heather because she deserved her’s.

Oh and we finally see the full cast at the finale again. FINALLY! :D I also liked how some pairs got to speak in interview confessionals. However, I do wish some other pairs spoke though, i.e. Tom and Jen.

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed.

Overall rating: 9/10

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