Hello everyone! N3 here with a special blog for the MSR. Let me give you a brief rundown first. This season of MSR was based of off The Ridonculous Race this time round. This season was also pretty intense too, more intense than the first one. People were really editing hard and stepping up their game. In the end, the Phoenix Wolves completely took over the competition and won! Congrats once again! ;)

Now this blog isn't really a full aftermath, but more like questions/interview type thing. I just figured it's something different to do. Yes, anyone is allowed to answer (if you want to of course). This is really just meant for fun. So let's just get on with it before I start making this intro too long. :p


1. How do you feel about your performance throughout the race?

2. How do you feel about your partner's performance throughout the race?

3. What motivates you to edit?

4. Did you think the race helped the wiki?

5. Who were the three teams you were rooting for? (not counting your's) Why?

6. How do you feel about your team's placing in the race?

7. Did you reach any goals and were you happy when you reached them?

8. How did you feel about the elimination order following the prediction towards the middle?

9. What did you find fun about the game?

So yeah, I know this blog is a bit short, but enjoy. Again, you can answer only if you want to. I'd just thought it'd be fun to make a blog like this. ;)

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