Hello everyone! I'm here with an activity for the wiki. What it basically is, is that people would submit an image in the comments along with a humorous caption. Then everyone will be able to go through and rate them depending on their liking. How this will actually work is that they'll be three different colored stars; gold, silver, and bronze. Whichever three images and captions get the most gold stars will be in the gallery of this blog, which will be updated weekly, because this is a weekly activity. Also, since I don't want to do this in separate blogs (please don't think I'm lazy, I just don't want my blog section clogged that's all.) I'll post a comment in this blog to divide weeks so it stays organized. Anyway, let's just get on with it.


• To prevent overly large images, they need to be thumbnailed at least at 320px. Here's an image guide: [[File:Example.png|thumb|center|320px|caption]]

• You may submit only one image/caption per week.

• No inappropriate captions. Please keep them appropriate such as no swearing, perverted jokes, etc.

• No fan-made images.

  • Note: Please do your best not to create drama or hurt the person's feelings when your rating. I know that being honest is good, but just not too harsh.
    • This is also for all seasons.
  • Note 2: Since the anti-TDAS captions/jokes are overused, please cool it with them. I mean you don't need to be posting one every week. If you feel like you have to post one, please wait a little bit before doing so. Give the joke enough time to settle, because yes, it is overused.
    • Also, please don't create sockpuppet accounts in order to submit again in the same week. Cause if you do your submission will not be counted. (and yes you'll be banned just like any other sockpuppet)




Stars: If you don't know how to get the star just feel free to copy and paste.

<span style="color:gold;"><font size="4">★</font></span>
<span style="color:silver;"><font size="4">★</font></span>
<span style="color:#cd7f32;"><font size="4">★</font></span>

So anyway, have fun! :)