Hello and welcome back to Cap This! Anyway, I closed the other blog and moved it over here, since the other one had over 3,000+ comments. Well, 3,124 to be exact. I figured I'd start a new blog since the other one was getting really long (and laggy depending on what computer you have). So yeah, pretty self-explanatory.


• To prevent overly large images, they need to be thumbnailed at least at 320px. Here's an image guide: [[File:Example.png|thumb|center|320px|caption]]

• You may submit only one image/caption per week.

• No inappropriate captions. Please keep them appropriate such as no swearing, perverted jokes, etc.

• No fan-made images.

• No putting captions that are directed towards a user without them knowing or makes fun of them.

• Pics that have been submitted before can be used again, just not ones that have been on the galleries before. Please don't overuse these pics either.

  • Note: Please do your best not to create drama or hurt the person's feelings when your rating. I know that being honest is good, but just not too harsh.
    • This is also for all seasons.
  • Note 2: Since the anti-TDAS captions/jokes are overused, please cool it with them. I mean you don't need to be posting one every week. If you feel like you have to post one, please wait a little bit before doing so. Give the joke enough time to settle, because yes, it is overused.
    • Also, please don't create sockpuppet accounts in order to submit again in the same week. Cause if you do your submission will be voided. (and yes you'll be banned just like any other sockpuppet)
  • Note 3: Captions that are directed towards users tend to hurt their feelings. So please refrain from those kind of captions that mock or make fun of them, because nobody wants their feelings hurt. Right? No.
    • Any captions that are deemed inappropriate will automatically get nullified and deleted. If it's really bad and breaks the wiki's rules, it could lead to a ban.


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So anyway, have fun! :)