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Hi and welcome back to Cap This! As you may have gathered, I've decided to make a few changes to Cap This and I figured it'd be easier to archive the previous blog altogether. Anyway, a second gallery has been added, along with a light yellow star. Any caption that receives more light yellow stars will be put into the second gallery as like an honorable mention, but only one will be picked for that. Think of it as like a half gold, but since there is no half-star symbol, that will have to do. The first gallery will still be like normal with three captions and the gold. Also, there will now be themes every other week. Sometimes there will be double theme weeks. Cap This will still be updated every week, but the week after the theme one would just be a normal round. Themes will be said in the comments. So there really isn't much to be said, pretty self-explanatory as usual.


• To prevent overly large images, they need to be thumbnailed at least at 320px. Here's an image guide: [[File:Example.png|thumb|center|320px|caption]]

• You may submit only one image/caption per week.

• No inappropriate captions. Please keep them appropriate such as no swearing, perverted jokes, etc. This goes for themes as well.

• No fan-made images.

• No putting captions that are directed towards users without them knowing or makes fun of them.

• Pics that have been submitted before can be used again, just not ones that have been on the galleries before. Please don't overuse these pics either.

  • Note: Please do your best not to create drama or hurt the person's feelings when your rating. I know that being honest is good, but just not too harsh.
    • This is also for all seasons.
  • Note 2: Since the anti-TDAS captions/jokes are overused, please cool it with them. I mean you don't need to be posting one every week. If you feel like you have to post one, please wait a little bit before doing so. Give the joke enough time to settle, because yes, it is overused.
    • Also, please don't create sockpuppet accounts in order to submit again in the same week. Cause if you do your submission will be voided. (and yes you'll be banned just like any other sockpuppet)
  • Note 3: Any captions that are deemed inappropriate will automatically get nullified and deleted.
    • If it's really bad and breaks the wiki's rules, it could lead to a ban.
  • Note 4: If you feel like you have any ideas for themes, feel free to suggest. It wouldn't hurt to have suggestions. :)
  • Note 5: Please avoid changing your captions. Once you post a caption, you cannot change it for a better one, as it may be considered as cheating. Even if you thought of better one after you posted, you can always post it on another week. You just gotta be patient. Also, no bias voting either, meaning you can't just vote for your friends captions, or give gold because so and so is your friend. This is suppose to be an activity for fun, laughter, and having a good time. It's not meant for competition or a race to get gold stars.
  • Note 6: It's fine to use pics that were in Cap This! Live before, but just don't overuse them.

Cap This! Live

Cap This! Live is an activity that's specifically done on chat. It was first played during the Reunion Wiki-Fest 2017.

Gallery One

Gallery Two

<span style="color:gold;"><font size="4">★</font></span>
<span style="color:#ffff66;"><font size="4">★</font></span>
<span style="color:silver;"><font size="4">★</font></span>
<span style="color:#cd7f32;"><font size="4">★</font></span>

If you have won a caption, then you could feel free to have this userbox for your profile. Yes, you can still use it if you won on the other blogs before.

CapThisLogo.png This user has had a winning caption in Cap This!


Short Stories

Ok, so I came up with the idea of having these short story rounds. Kind of like a gallery, only you're submitting more than one pic this time, but also making the captions flow together. These rounds will happen occasionally and will not be counted as normal Cap This rounds/weeks. There will only be two winners for these rounds as well.

By Gogogadget831

By ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy

Have fun! :)