Guess what today is? Yep, June 14; my wiki anniversary!

This is known to be my fourth year on here. I had such a great time on this wiki and the IRC, and your all very nice.

Well, looking back at the years that I've been here I have to say I really have improved. Such as edits, helping, advice, etc. I came here as a n00b not knowing what anything was (not even promotion rankings XD) and probably didn't understand the rules very well ether. In fact I was just looking at my very first mainspace edit, but unfortunately it wasn't very good, as it was more of an opinion. Lol

I also have been a Featured User for the of August 2011. As well as being the current 9th top editor on the wiki. However, I wasn't always the 9th. I was higher with 8,000+ edits, but since that talk page deletion I had dropped to the 6,000s. And I'll be defiantly be working back up again, because my goal right now is actually reaching 10,000. Which I'll be making a blog for btw.

Another achievement that I had on the wiki was being promoted to a rollback and admin status. As I am a current admin on here and the Knd Wiki. When I found out I got promoted to that status it absolutely felt amazing and I was happy that people actually considered me for that position. Not only did I improve, but so did the wiki. The wiki didn't look as amazing in 2009 then it does today. So when we all eventually leave the wiki, we'll be leaving it knowing that it looks great. :p

Now I would give you all a shout-out, but I obviously can't list all of you. So here's a shout-out to everyone. Thank you all for being here and helping me out throughout the years, and I appreciate that. You all are really nice. We have went through good times and bad times. If it weren't for most of you giving me the motivation to edit, I probably wouldn't be an admin right now. So thanks once again.

I guess that's all I have to say. I came here as a n00b and now I'm an admin! And everything is just like WOW!

Thanks guys! numbuhthreefan Message Contribs Edit | 16:37, June 14, 2013 (UTC)

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