Hello everyone! Guess what today is! Yep, today is my wiki anniversary, marking my seventh year here. I just have to say that it's been really fun here over the years and met some great people here, past and present as well. I also came here, because I love watching TD. (Well obviously! :P) And yes, my rankings have changed for the characters over time.

Now I remember saying around this time last year that I might be leaving this wiki soon, and actually I plan to stay right now, but when I do leave I will definitely be putting up a goodbye blog.

Anyway, I remember coming here as a complete noob not knowing anything about this place or how anything worked. The truth is that some of my first ms edits have actually been reverted, but thankfully I gradually was improving over time. I also am surprised I actually made it on the wiki this far and didn't know I'd still be coming here. I didn't know I'd be a staff here either at one point. So that alone is actually a huge accomplishment.

Also, I just wanna thank everyone for an amazing time on this wiki. It was a lot of fun and hopefully we can have more fun/laughter. Thanks all! ,':-)

So yeah, this blog is just short and sweet in honor of my wikiverary.

PS: Let's just take a moment and look at my first year blog. Oh wow, I can't believe I actually thought leading a fan club was something on here (before I realized they were just useless forums). I also remember that I thought having 1,000+ total edits were considered a lot. #embarrassment
Then why the blog then? ^
Idk, just felt like it I guess. lol ^

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