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  • Numbuhthreefan

    TD Timeline Theory

    October 7, 2017 by Numbuhthreefan

    Hey guys, N3 here! And I'm here, because I've decided to make a blog about guessing TD's timeline, what years it took place in. I have seen many people talk about this before and I know some of you wonder what the timeline is, even me. I also enjoy reading theories, but then I figured- why not make my own? It's always fun to guess what the timeline might be. So yeah, here’s my theory.

    NOTE: This is obviously not the real timeline, it's just a complete guess. Though obviously everyone's is all guessing.

    • 2008 - Total Drama Island begins in the summer in June. TDDDDI begins at the end of summer around August. At the end of August Total Drama Action begins and goes to about November.
    • 2009- In 2009 during the end of October, Celebrity Manhunt begin…
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  • Numbuhthreefan

    Cap This*

    August 28, 2017 by Numbuhthreefan

    Hi and welcome back to Cap This! The other blog was archived, because it was getting pretty long. So this is pretty self-explanatory as usual. Themes and freestyle rounds are the same obviously, alternating every week. Nothing has really changed other then that galleries are separated by tabs now. So yeah, that's all....

    • To prevent overly large images, they need to be thumbnailed at least at 320px. Here's an image guide:

    Have fun! :)

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  • Numbuhthreefan

    Hey, N3 here! So as we all know of the recent news we had that TD is coming with a new season. I figured I'd make a blog about which cast members I would really love to see again. Then I'll go into who I absolutely don't want to see again in the new season.

    Please note that these are not the contestants returning (obviously since we don't know), just opinions.

    • Contestants I would love to see

    1. Bridgette: No, not because she's my favorite character, but because she actually has potential to compete again and still has some plot left. Think about it, the only season she's ever made it far in was TDI. She got the first boot (along with Geoff) in TDA for making-out, and then got robbed in TDWT, because Alejandro left her stuck to a pole. Yes, I k…

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  • Numbuhthreefan

    Cap This

    November 6, 2016 by Numbuhthreefan

    Hi and welcome back to Cap This! As you may have gathered, I've decided to make a few changes to Cap This and I figured it'd be easier to archive the previous blog altogether. Anyway, a second gallery has been added, along with a light yellow star. Any caption that receives more light yellow stars will be put into the second gallery as like an honorable mention, but only one will be picked for that. Think of it as like a half gold, but since there is no half-star symbol, that will have to do. The first gallery will still be like normal with three captions and the gold. Also, there will now be themes every other week. Sometimes there will be double theme weeks. Cap This will still be updated every week, but the week after the theme one would j…

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  • Numbuhthreefan

    Yep. Wednesday, July 6, 2016 was our official wiki birthday/anniversary that our wiki has turned eight! So I decided to make a blog for the occasion. Though originally I was planning for this to go up on the official b-day, but decided to put it up today instead.

    I think the wiki has really come a long way, and the pages look a better and much different from when they were back then. We've had really good times, fun, and laughter. Though we did have a bit of drama, but we still pulled through. Anyway, it's amazing on how we grew as a community over the years. This place is truly amazing and I've met some great people here.

    So yeah, that's basically all I wanted to say. Remember to stay positive and don't let the negatives bring you down.

    Too …

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