• Notinuse

    Who's going to win it?

    August 26, 2010 by Notinuse

    We figured out the top three; Alejandro, Heather, and Cody. Who do you want to win?

    Heather? She has made it a long way since the start of TDWT. I am suprised she is here, too because she was in the final three last season. I have start to like her more and more though this season. She don't have that many friends, so if it comes down to a vote, she will get 2nd.

    Cody? I was VERY suprised that he made it this far. To be an underdog to the final three. Very impressive. I am starting to like him just a little more but if he won he would shoot up my list. If it comes down to a vote, he would win with all his friends. But If it was a race, not good chances.

    Alejandro? Not so suprised. I mean he is evil. Evil makes you go further and he was a new…

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