Out of all of the devices used for eliminating the characters what one would you find most embarrassing to be used on you? 

For me the worst of  of the devices is the flush of shame not only it might drown you before you end up at home, it has been used for sasquatchanakwa to poop and pee in so it must stink really badly, and it is Chris's way of saying your a piece of crap compared to me, also it is just me...but when they get flush it looks like it hurts. 

The one that is not that bad is the boat of Losers all it is just a old boat that takes you off the crazy island it has a low risk of pain and something gross happening to you, the worst thing that can happen is the boat will sink and you will be forced to swim back home. 

So what do you guys think what device would you hate to be used on you if you ever got the boot on TD? 

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