I don't know if anyone did this topic but i was not able to find a blog on this yet so. My Grammar is not the best so i hope it came out readable. 

Worst: For me the worst design goes to Sam i just fell it's a bit lazy he's just cartoon Seth Rogen! at least with someone like Harold who is another parody of a movie character they made him look different from movie counterpart, the same can't be said for Sam it design is just how Seth Rogen would look like in the TD world. 

Best: My pick might shock people but in my opinion the best character design goes to Noah the reason he   looks the most unique out of the cast, he's not super attractive like Courtney, Lindsay, Heather, or Trent, or does not look like the stereotype of a teen like Beth, Gwen, Cody, Mike, DJ, or Dave, Noah looks like someone who would not exist in real life because of his weird head shape, short legs, and his very long arms, which makes Noah looks the most cartoonish out of the characters that adds a unique look to Noah and that kind of design adds to his character since the big head makes it look more like a know it all jerk, but that look didn't make him look unapealing to the eyes like Max.

So yeah those are just my thoughts on this topic i know most of you will not agree with me while others might see thing from my point of view.

So what do you guys thing who is the best and worst drawn character in TD i just want to know what the fanbase thinks....if i can take a guess on what the majority will say Best Courtney, worst Beth. 

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