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    Lets look at our final three of the season

    Shawn is a pathetic coward who lives in his own sad little world who spells his name the wrong way! it is spelled Shaun not Shawn also he hade zero character development.

    Sky is a Zoey clone that is all i can say about her.

    Sugar is a gross blob who has a super annoying voice and overall a weak villain.

    So yeah even Cameron or heck even Mike would make a better winner tham these chumps at least they grown as a character. 

    who has my vote lets see........NONE! 

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  • NotSoEvilBilly

    Reasons why Shawn is worst character in TDPI

    1. He not not done anything during the challanges or won anything for his team, when theyy are in danger he hides behind Jasmine.

    2. He only talks to one character! name one other character that Shawn that interacted with! you can't! well their we go.

    3. He ruined Topher X Jasmine!

    4. Every joke that comes out of him is a zombie joke. 

    5. He's a coward and runs away when something goes wrong. 

    6. If he didn't have the hair on his face he would look like a girl. 

    Shawn was my favorite character when i watched the italian voice acting but i thought he would be the "cool guy" like Trent it turns out he's just a weirdo.

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  • NotSoEvilBilly

    I think Mike is the main reason why Zoey is "boring" since She only really has a major interaction with Mike and Cameron since 90% of the time Zoey was on screen she would be with one of those two characters, but i think of Mike and Cameron where not to return for a all star season and Zoey was the only one back from that group we can see her grow to be one of the better characters.

    If they shown how she had a main interaction with characters like Gwen, Lindsay, Trent, Noah, Dawn, Brick, or Dakota it will turn out to be good character development for Zoey. 

    Also Zoey did has some great moments like her small interactions with Brick, Dakota and Dawn, how she became rivals with Scott and put him in his place after Mike was voted out, when she …

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    I just click on the total drama wikipedia and it merged TDAS and TDPI and i don't understand why, i know some articles said 26 episodes where ordered for a 5th season but that was most likely a typo or it was misunderstood as such since no mayor person at fresh TV said TDPI was part two of season five. 

    Unless the show calls it's self season five part 2 over season six or someone who works on the show confirmes i will not count it as canon.  

    So that's just my opinion on that matter, and on top of that Wikipedia page just look ugly with the two pages merged like that. 

    Take a look: Wikipedia (season 5)

    Update: i was wrong it seems staff from the tv show creaters did say season five was made in two parts to tell the truth season six sounds bette…

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    Out of all of the devices used for eliminating the characters what one would you find most embarrassing to be used on you? 

    For me the worst of  of the devices is the flush of shame not only it might drown you before you end up at home, it has been used for sasquatchanakwa to poop and pee in so it must stink really badly, and it is Chris's way of saying your a piece of crap compared to me, also it is just me...but when they get flush it looks like it hurts. 

    The one that is not that bad is the boat of Losers all it is just a old boat that takes you off the crazy island it has a low risk of pain and something gross happening to you, the worst thing that can happen is the boat will sink and you will be forced to swim back home. 

    So what do you …

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