Hey this is Gordo- Nope! Not today!  The one … the only … NEWTU! Because Gordon is going to be attending personal matters for the next 2 weeks as of the time of discussion, I get hosting duties today. And this episode, I guarantee, will be GLORIOUS!

Gordon: What personal matters? I have said to you just now that I have Chinese New Year to celebrate. This is a tradition.

NEWTU: Just because it’s tradition does not mean it ain’t incredibly silly in it's length. Now let’s get this show on the road!

Gordon: I’m going to regret this…

NEWTU: No you will not. People are going to love it!

Gordon: Oh I will. You just watch and see…

NEWTU: First Question!

Question 1: What would be a good, not-yet-used theme for a future TD season?

Gordon: You go first. As usual, I need time to think.

NEWTU:  Ok then. For me, I think that a Boat-theme could be interesting.A MASSIVE Total Drama Cruise Ship Pool table, Swimming Pool, Dining Hall, and tons of dorms for contestants to stay in. A real fancy ocean-liner

Gordon: A boat theme, eh? And what do they do there?

NEWTU: The challenges McLean, Don, Shamus McQuarterPounder, or whoever is hosting at that season will be consisted of mainly ocean/cruise ship activity themes for challenges.

In this season, the drama doesn’t have to come from any ‘danger’ of the location like the Toxic Waste in Pahkitew Island or the shoddy plane of World Tour. Instead, the drama can come the place it should be… the teams … their alliances … friendships … betrayals, etc.

Gordon: That sounds hardly dramatic in comparison to those season to be honest. By the way, isn’t those ‘dangers’ the beauty of TD? Chaotic destruction?

NEWTU: You can have chaotic things, yes, like in challenges or whatever the X of shame is for the season. But I am just tone it down a notch with your overall levels of danger per say. See what I mean?

Gordon: Hmm… I guess so.

NEWTU: Drama can be created without contestants being beaten up by the wildlife/poor conditions/toxic mutations etc.

Gordon: Hmm… I don’t know. I’m still not sold but then again, I suck at making new and unique ideas. Well, anyway for me, I would actually like to see movie director theme season.

NEWTU:  I said theme that HAS NOT been used yet.

Gordon: TDA is influenced by movie genre. For my season, each episode is reflected by a specific well-known movie director such as Michael Bay.

NEWTU: It still overlaps too much.

Gordon:  Well… I don’t think so.

NEWTU: Well… I do. If I gave you a watermelon, painted it blue and told you “It’s a totally different fruit”, would I be right?

Gordon: How is that even related to this question??

NEWTU: Just answer my question

Gordon: Fine… yes, it looks different

NEWTU: My point exactly! It may have a different paintjob, but it’s still the same thing

Gordon: No… I kinda see your point but I believe that movie director theme offer more chance of comedy.

NEWTU: I thought you wanted less focus on comedy in TD though….

Gordon: What, me? Nah, TD should just be the same. In my opinion, I would LOVE to see a Quentin Tarantino TD episode… although CN will censor some part… well most of them anyway.

NEWTU: Well, I think that settles that part. While I want a Cruise Ship theme, Gordon wants another TDA but with directors instead. Next question.

Gordon: It will be different… is it my turn?

NEWTU: No, you can ask the last 2 questions like I did last time when you were host.

Gordon: WHAT?? But I let you ask your questions after me when I was host.

NEWTU: Well sir, welcome to the guest seat; where you have no power. I am letting you ask two questions in a row at the end, what’s your problem?

Gordon: Well… I …. (sulk)

Question 2: What was the dumbest moves (in terms of game strategy) in Total Drama History?

Gordon: Oh wow… I have seen really clever moves, but dumb ones… well, I have no idea at all. What do you think?

NEWTU: Well, in all honesty, there are many, many, many contenders for this. Such as:

  • Noah’s selfishness in Dodgebrawl episode

  • Toxic Rats in Backstabbers Ahoy

  • Justin’s stupid act of selflessness in The Princess Pride

  • The Cheese Wheel in RR Paris

Gordon: What about Team Victory?

NEWTU: Well, I am talking about specific moments. Moments where someone does something incredibly stupid and seals their fate as doomed to lose.

Gordon: Hmmm… I see. (Regain his memory of his initial reaction) OH I HAVE TO TAKE THAT CHEESE WHEEL MOMENT! Every time I see that episode, I shout at the Tennis Pros to just roll it. ROLL IT!!

NEWTU: Well anyway for me, it’s generally a tough pick between the first 2 choices I mentioned … but I will have to award this one to the Toxic Rats in Backstabbers, Ahoy! Like really, all of your stuff goes missing … and you narrow it down to 2 suspects:

  • Scott: Shifty, rude, and generally suspicious

  • Dawn: A bit strange, but kind and helpful

And who do the Rats think did it? Why Dawn of course! Complete Idiots! Was the radiation rotting their brains away?

Gordon: To be honest, Scott did set Dawn up perfectly.

NEWTU: If you define ‘put all of the stolen items under her bed and make up a lousy explanation’ as ‘perfectly’, then I guess so...

Gordon: Well, I got another contender. What about Josee’s failed manipulation on the Surfers in TDRR? If it wasn’t for her, I don’t think the Surfers will be good enough to be in the final 2, let alone final 4 in my opinion.

NEWTU: Perhaps. But that was more of a late-game thing. Plus, this is the Surfer Dudes we are talking about… not exactly the sharpest tools in the shed.

Gordon: But it did lead to the Ice Dancers’s elimination. And it enables the Surfer Dudes to work together as a team a lot better than ever. And you did say strategy in the question. I say BOTH strategy and karma! You know what? I changed my mind… For me, the dumbest move in TD for me is Josee’s manipulation on the Surfer Dudes. Not only it fails but it backfires on her MASSIVELY!!

NEWTU: Perhaps. But I still contend that the entire team of The Toxic Rats believing Scott’s half-baked story was the moment that really emphasized that they were too stupid to stop Scott from tearing them down from the inside.

Gordon: I think it’s important to emphasise that her mistake not only caused her team to miss out the prize, but allowed the Surfer Dudes to compete in the final 2. FINAL 2!!

NEWTU: But it was only 2 people who were ‘tricked’… who weren’t that bright to begin with

Gordon: …and a million dollar … and pride for the Ice Dancers.

NEWTU: But the entire team … and I meant the ENTIRE team of the Toxic Rats were somehow fooled by Scott’s ridiculous act. And I find that to be worse.

Gordon: But did it affect their chance to win the million dollar? Especially Dawn?

NEWTU: It sorta did… at that point

Gordon: Well, mine did a LOT.

NEWTU: But the Rats were done from that moment, no doubt about. I think we have said our pieces about this.

Gordon: Whatever.

NEWTU: So at the end, I think The Toxic Rats in ‘Backstabbers, Ahoy!’ were the biggest fools…

Gordon: (In NEWTU’s voice) Which I ‘diegress’

NEWTU: While Gordon thinks Josee’s attempted manipulation on the Surfer Dudes was the biggest mistake.

Gordon: I’m gonna get some hate, no doubt about that.

NEWTU: Well, I don’t care about that. If you are killed by your haters, then it wouldn’t affect me… well, I have to find a new pal to clash ideas with of your type… which means this series will be in jeopardy for about 15 months …anyway, moving on…

Question 3: Best TD Challenge Ever?

Gordon: Personally, the dodge ball challenge by far.

NEWTU: Hmmm... I would put that at number 2 in my opinion. Keep going…

Gordon: I don’t know … I just love that episode and the challenge a lot. It’s something I could see myself doing in real life.

NEWTU: Well for me, I believe that the Giant Pinball/Lousy Commercial of Super Happy Japan Fun Time beats it out as the best challenge. If that surprises you, then consider me disappointed. It’s so novel and stupid that it’s hilarious and appealing.

Gordon: Typical… I knew you love that episode. I’m not surprised.

NEWTU: Some opinions just won’t change.

Gordon: Have you ever been to Japan before?

NEWTU: Do I use 100 dollar bills to light my campfires?

Gordon: No?

NEWTU: Exactly

Gordon: It’s not that expensive to go to Japan. In that matter, I’m actually going to Japan this year.

NEWTU: Well good for you.

Gordon: You mad, bro?

NEWTU: Not really. Japan is the home of weird things that’s kinda its claim to fame.

Gordon: You are, I can feel it.

NEWTU: No sir. You cannot wield your Force and read my mind.

Gordon: Ok… well, are there any other challenges you like?

NEWTU: Eh… maybe the Fashion Challenge in ROTI. The episode execution is not that great but I like the idea on paper.

Gordon: For me, I like the caricature draw challenge in France but that’s me anyway. Anyway… Are we finished yet? Because I want to ask a question NOW!!

NEWTU: Ok, calm down Sargent Karry. It’s now your turn. What’s your first question?

Gordon: Here it is…

Question 4: Some fans want Katie and Sadie back for new Total Drama season which makes sense as they hardly had any screen time. But what do you think and how will they progress in the season?

NEWTU: Well, if they are to come back together…

Gordon: And they should be.

NEWTU: True, but I think while they still work best together, both don’t really have a personality that differs between those two, if you know that I mean by that.

Gordon: I don’t know but I thought they each have a chance to shine in TDI in my opinion. For example, Katie is more of a leader than Sadie, highlighted by Katie’s encouragement to Sadie when Katie was eliminated. I love that moment.

NEWTU: And then what? Both didn’t shine much once Katie was gone. After Katie was gone, Sadie just kinda stood in the background for a while until it was her time to go.

Gordon: True, but both have some good moments in a limited screen time. But if they are together as a team in RR, how far do you think they can progress?

NEWTU: Oh, RR was their big chance to come back mainly due to just how in-tune they are with each other.

Gordon: And that’s why some fans want them back and I ask that question to you, fool.

NEWTU: If they were in RR, I think they could have been serious Top 6 contenders.

Gordon: They will be top 8 for me.

NEWTU: The main thing is while at the same time, what they in-sync with each other like mad, they still for most part, lack the most important thing any fictional character needs. And that is personality. The two of them, as they are, cannot stand by themselves as decent characters of fiction!

Gordon: They will get one. RR will be a defining season for them by far.

NEWTU: Not at this rate. Anyways, final question?

Gordon: What? We haven’t even answered the question yet! By the way, since we both say that Sadie and Katie will be in the top half….

NEWTU: Yes, we did.

Gordon: Do you think there are any chance that one of them will have a romantic moment, much like Noah and Emma?

NEWTU: Eh… maybe…

Gordon: Throw another spanner into their character development. I would love to see one of them to have a relationship. They just look so nice and cute… even though they are annoying.

NEWTU: I’m not sure but I wouldn’t rule it out either. I’m 50/50 on the whole thing.

Gordon: Well that is because you want to see the Tennis Rivals come back again … and they are out BY FAR!!

NEWTU: And you want the Best Friends to come back … despite having a plot that lasted 24 whole episodes. You want a plot tumour to come back and grow some more.

Gordon: Very underrated couple. I meant, who wouldn’t want the Best Friends to come back?


Gordon: You don’t count.

NEWTU: Just get on with this discussion. What’s your final question?

Question 5: Who is the most underappreciated character?

NEWTU: Hmmmm… a tricky question.

Gordon: I agree… For once, I go first. For me, I would go with Izzy.

NEWTU: Wait, are we talking in-universe or fandom-speaking?

Gordon: Fandom-speaking.

NEWTU: Ok… then why do you pick Izzy? You are going to have a hard time finding someone who DOESN’T like Izzy.

Gordon: Perhaps… but I hardly hear any Izzy love too … or anyone talk about Izzy in that matter. For me, I like Izzy a lot. Pure craziness and yet people say it’s alright. So yeah, I just have a feeling that she could have get more love or respect from the fandom, hence she is my most underappreciated character.

NEWTU: Perhaps it’s a Silent Majority thing. You know, they don’t really mention it unless specifically asked. The most unhappy people are the ones who usually voice their opinion.

Gordon: Who knows? Maybe most fans don’t appreciate the true value of her craziness

NEWTU: But we are talking about contestants who are, as a whole, not appreciated enough by the fandom.

Gordon: Perhaps… but she is not discussed much in the Internet in comparison to other characters who has a LOT less screen time and yet has more fans and debates such as Dawn, Sadie and Katie, etc.

NEWTU: Like I said, it’s most likely to be a Silent Majority kind of thing.

Gordon: Anyway, we talked a lot about Izzy. What about you, NEWTU?

NEWTU: Ehh….. Well, it’s a bit of an odd choice… but I would say DJ.

Gordon: Oh really? Well, to be honest, DJ is not a bad contender at all. Keep going.

NEWTU: I mean, sure, he isn’t outstanding by any means. Sure, he kinda got worse as seasons went on… but perhaps that’s why I appreciate him. Simple and kind – that sums up DJ quite well. He is the contestant that nobody flat out hates… but again the one that nobody thinks is outstanding. DJ is a guy with a soft heart. It’s the points in simplicity that count.

Gordon: Agreed. The fandom like him but not a lot. Anyway, we should finish here.

NEWTU: Yes! So folks! That was episode 3 of our TD discussion! What will happen next time? When will there be a next time? WILL there be a next time? And was the use of a bold-italic glorious necessary? Find out next time on Episode 4! Coming Soon…..ish…...maybe….eventually…..probably…..

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