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  • Nobody else wanted this username

    Hey this is Gordo- Nope! Not today!  The one … the only … NEWTU! Because Gordon is going to be attending personal matters for the next 2 weeks as of the time of discussion, I get hosting duties today. And this episode, I guarantee, will be GLORIOUS!

    Gordon: What personal matters? I have said to you just now that I have Chinese New Year to celebrate. This is a tradition.

    NEWTU: Just because it’s tradition does not mean it ain’t incredibly silly in it's length. Now let’s get this show on the road!

    Gordon: I’m going to regret this…

    NEWTU: No you will not. People are going to love it!

    Gordon: Oh I will. You just watch and see…

    NEWTU: First Question!

    Gordon: You go first. As usual, I need time to think.

    NEWTU:  Ok then. For me, I think that a Boat-theme could b…

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  • Nobody else wanted this username

     Title grab you attention? is true. Wiki member Gordon003 is working on a fan-made TD Game based on Mario 2 in Flash. What is planned? A lot actually.  This what we got so far

    Tom-The Mario-Very all-around. No strengths or weaknesses

    Cody-The Luigi-Highest Jump, but controls like he is on Ice. Also a tiny bit slower and weaker.

    Lightining-The Toad-Runs the fastest and strongest. But has the shortest jump.

    Ella-The Peach-The weakest and slowest. But can hover in the air for 1.5 seconds.






    Chef's Grub


    The Bear



    Billy The Intern



    (Not nesscarily in this order)

    Immunity Idol (Makes you invincible for a short time)

    Marshmallow (Heals you)

    Mr. Coconut (Temporarily stops time)


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