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    Fun Stuff

    August 15, 2010 by Noah137

    This blog post I will put all my countdowns, fanfictions, and more!

    I know things aren't finished. It's still in construction!

    There is an TDWT Elimination Order and so far they are all right!!!!!!

    Please no bad comments! Thanks and enjoy! Noah137 13:31, August 28, 2010 (UTC)

    These will also be on my userpage, so check it out!

    24. Katie She wasn't in TDA or TDWT and she is just not my kind of character.
    23. Eva She doesn't show much character and need's a makeover!
    22. Sadie I wouldn't say she's a bad character, but she isn't that active.
    21. Harold He's too much of a nerd and he doesn't have as much skills.
    20. Justin He ain't hot!
    19. Ezekiel

    18. Duncan

    17. Beth

    16. Tyler

    15. Courtney

    14. DJ

    13. LeShawna

    12. Sierra

    11. Gwen

    10. Alejandro

    9. Cody

    8. Heat…

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