Okay, I was just sleeping in my bedroom (note that I had stayed up untill 4 AM yesterday because I was on the wiki)

Here's how it went... Hmmm......

it started with a wedding scenary, where then DJ and Bridgette walked up getting married! Then all this music that went lalalalalallalala played and it showed Bridgette and DJ surfing and kissing and Bridgette getting her baby. Then, Alejandro was at Arpy McMurphys (a beer place down the street from my house that has shuffleboard and kino and pacman) where he was sipping whiski (or something outta green bottle), when OWEN walked up and said Hey Al! Al then grumbled. Saying I can't believe Ilost Total Drama World Tour! Zeke and Duncan walked in, followed by Noah, snd they were holding the million! But, behind them, me and

Hether walked in holding hands! But then for some strange reason I kissed Gwen. then the pchyco killer came in and killed Duncan and Zeke, then Al, then Chris, then Heather, and then GWEN! I jumped infront of Gwen and the chainsaw and hook went right through me and Gwen started to cry for like 1 second until I woke up, terrified! That was a freaky dream!

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