Okay, I was just at my younger cousin David's football scrimmage game, when I just drifted off while I was watching it! Here's how it went.

It started off with Duncan, DJ, and Geoff standing by the swimming pole, laughing at what Zeke just did. Then, Harold walks up with the million dollars case. The three drama masters just stared at him untill Harold says I won. Duncan then walks up and takes the million and says I got it! I won! Then Harold scoffed much to Duncan's dismay. he opened it up and saw the words written in marker MILLION UNDER THIS FOLDER!!!!!!!! Then, Duncan lifted the folder and saw Mighty Beanz! (LOL) Duncan then threw Harold onto the glasscovered bench. then, Harold was taken to the emergency room. But then, Heather came up and said to Duncan That was the only boy I ever liked, and you might've killed him! Then, Al walked up and says No, I'm the only guy you'll always like. Then, Heather threw Al onto the bench, sending him to the emmergency room. Then, in the hospital Harold said How goes Al? Then, Al said, Noin', but I love Heather! Then Harold said I love here too. This causes them both to throw one another on some glass benches in the security KEEP AWAY room. Then, me and Phineas and Ferb saw an old man on the sidewalk while we were ridng on our bikes. We said hello, but he killed Phineas and Ferb, and then me. But as ghost I lifted his mask in his house when he fell asleep, and he was the ghost of Zeke! My dream then shifts back to the pole acouple minutes ago, where we see what happened to Zeke. Zeke had mentioned Mighty Beanz and Duncan killed him by pushing his head underwater for 3 minutes. But then the dream shifts over to Courtney's house, where she reads a book called Duncan Jewles's Secrets. She opens it up and it says SECRET NUMBER 1 : DUNCAN JEWLES IS AFRAID OF MIGHTY BEANZ. Courtney then gasps and gets thrown on a glass bench by Duncan, as I killed Duncan latrer (as a ghost) because Courtney was my only love. But then, I saw DJ and geoff throw Birdgette on a glass bench. Then I started to think..... maybe I' in love with Bridgette. Then, I walked over to the laughing DJ and Geoff with................... a knife! FREAKY! Then I snapped outta it when we had to go. Aw, I wanted to see what would become of the remaining drama masters! FEAKY!

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