So, this is my first blog post on my first day joining this wiki. I hope to be a good addition to the wiki and help out in any way that I can!

It would seem to be a waste to just have a post with virtually nothing in it, so I might as well put something in this... and the topic of it shall be the Gwen/Duncan/Courtney/Trent love square!

Almost every Total Drama fan that I've come across was thrilled when Duncan and Gwen finally got together - and, I must admit, I'd predicted it and had been secretly hoping for it for quite some time. But when they finally got together, that kiss in the confessional... something just stuck out with me. I was dying for Tyler to tell somebody about it. I realized that Duncan and Gwen was... okay... and I'm not going to trash it, but I just don't like it. Personally, I loved Duncan with Courtney. He went through so much in Island and Action to be with her, just to end it in World Tour. And even though Trent fans are dim and few, I'm hoping for his redemption because I feel that Trent belongs with Gwen. They had their own share of struggles in Island, just to have it all be thrown away with the writers turning Trent into some kind of psycho.

I'm desparately hoping for these two couples to get together sometime very soon. But despite these preferences, I must admit that I have a guilty pleasure: Trentney.

Something just feels right between the two of them. Even though Trent still seemingly has feelings for Gwen, and though Courtney still seemingly has feelings for Duncan, the two are both still single and don't seem to be hooking up with anyone in the near future. So maybe their shared hurt feelings could lead to an eventual get together, which might then end up with Duncan or Gwen getting jealous and ending their relationship to try to win their significant other back.


Well, until then, this is still my first blog post, and I'm glad to be part of the wiki. I figure that when Revenge of the Island finally comes out, I'll have a lot more to blog about. See you then!

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