• Nivisaboy

    Im Sorry

    May 22, 2016 by Nivisaboy

    Look i have something to say, im really sorry for rule breaking and i mean it. when i edit something i will check if its perfect for the page now. I was thinking about my guilt and it mad me feel like a bad person im really sorry and if i want to make a page i will just make a sandbox. Do you guys forgive me? I will listen to the users and administors i promise.

    For Phoneix:Hey Phoneix sorry i snapped at you for saying DJ and Leshawna have no interaction. I saw that reply and it made me feel guilty. I'm really sorry for not listening to your things that you tells me are correct. Im really sorry phoneix i wanna be friends with you and all the users.And i will just make Dj and Leshawna a sandbox like i said before.

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