Hello again... I decided to just switch projects to this. This would be like Total Drama Island... but they are fighting for their lives... okay!


  1. No sockpuppeting
  2. Only one vote per user
  3. This would be like Total Drama Horror by ArtDraw so there would be times you would be given choices. The difference is... a certain teddybear would be hosting
  4. Before 'elimination' ceremonies, the viewers would vote for who they want to kill or but your person of choice that you pick, you must have a reason other than complete hatred for them
  5. Have fun!
  6. Campers can die during the challenge so be wary

Before we begin, italized means it is in the speaker's head


  • Playing as Chris

You groan in pain as you wake up in an empty room. You noticed an empty cup beside you.

Chris: Eeewww... did someone expect me to go there? That's unbecoming for a famous host like me

???: Upupupupu, welcome... you would be the first victim before we begin

You gulped in fear. Was this the end? The voice sounded so light-hearted, it felt wrong for the situation.

???: Don't worry, you can survive... if you can, you'll just have to find the key

Chris: Hey! I'm the one who thinks of challenges! You can't just upstage me!

???: I already did... I created lots of killing games then I realized... this is getting too short, I needed a longer entertainment.

Chris: Don't tell me-

???: Hahahaha, I borrowed your contestants, of course! You clenched your fists in anger. You wanted to pounce at the voice so badly.

???: Oh... you have to do your challenge, find the key in this room to open the lock.

You squinted to notice a door in the other end of the room. You felt relieved.

???: The key is of course... hidden... it is quite small so you might get lost

Chris: I have a lot of time to spare!

???: Actually you don't... after ten minutes, poisonous gas would envelope the room and you... you would be dead.

You gulped. What should you do?

  • A- Check the floors
  • B- Check the cup
  • C- Try to find the figure
  • D- Give in

You decided to check the cup. Lifting it from the floor, you found nothing in it.

ChrisWhat the?! There's nothing in it!

As you were placing back the cup, you noticed a rusty key lying on the floor where the cup used to be.

ChrisPerfect, I can now leave

You quickly grabbed the key then head to the door. As you neared the door, you heard something growling behind it.

You shuddered in fear. 

What should you do?

  • A- Just unlock the door with key
  • B- Stay until you're sure that there's no more sounds
  • C- Give in to insanity
  • D- Take another option ( look under the door. Or look around it through any cracks-suggested by Make. It. Prize. Time!

ChrisMaybe, I should check first.

You found a small crack on the door enough for you to peer through but all you can see was darkness.

Chris: Wha?! It's too dark!

You began to panic. You couldn't make out the threat so you quickly used your key to open the door. However your eyes widened as a small figure stared at you with a red glint on one of its eyes.

You looked around. What should you do?

  • A- I have no choice but to attack the figure with my bare hands
  • B- Go back to where you've started
  • C- Run around the room to attract the figure 
  • D- Give in

You began running around the room,flailing your hands crazily. The figures tried to run after you but due to its pudgy stature. It couldn't catch up.

Smirking, you ran towards the door into the darkness.

Beth,Heather and Lindsay

  • Playing as Lindsay

You were heading to the cabins after just arriving to the island. You've met new faces but you can remember them. The host told them that there would a challenge in a hour.

You kept assuring yourself that it would all fine.

However, a black haired girl stopped you as you neared the cabins.

Lindsay: Heather, is it? What are you doing? I woud totally like to go to the cabins

The girl ignored you

Heather: Just go to the forest later...

Another girl with a side ponytail walked towards you two.

Beth: What are you two talking about?

Heather: Just meet me in the forest later...

Heather quickly walked away towards the forest.

Beth looked at you confused.

Beth: So Lindshay... do you thsinnk we can trust her?

What should you say?

  • A- We should totally trust her! She seems trustworthy
  • B- I dunno... you decide
  • C- I think we shouldn't 

Lindsay: I dunno, you decide

Beth: I thsink we tshould go... she seems nice enough

Lindsay: Like, we only met her today

Beth: Let's just go,... she might be waiting

You couldn't reply as the girl hurried to the forest. Before you could follow, the voice of the host rang around camp.

???: Please head to the cliff for the first challenge... latecomers would have penalties

You wanted to call the two girls but there wasn't enough time so you decided to head towards the cliff for the time being.

Campers(Excluding Beth and Heather) and Host

  • Playing as DJ

You nervously head towards the cliff where the host was waiting. The host was Chris McLean... or atleast, that's what he says. He looked like him... but something was wrong.

Chris: Okay, is everyone ready for the first challenge?

The twiggy brown girl with pigtails spoke up.

Katie: Like shouldn't you divide us into two teams first?

Chris chuckled.

Chris: This game is different... all of you are part of one team

Leshawna: Uh uh, how are we going to decide who's gonna win then if we're all winners?

Chris: Just do what I say... the challenge is jumping off the cliff, yada yada

You gulped as you peered through the edge of the cliff then noticed shark fins sticking out of the water.

DJ: Is that even safe?

Chris: Perfectly safe. Ahem, so who goes first

Courtney: I am not going to jump!

Duncan Sure, you aren't

Chris: Time is ticking so make this quick. I have a massage session

The group all turned to you.

Courtney: As leader, I hereby give you the honor of choosing who would jump first

Lindsay: Like who died and make you leader, Crispy

Duncan: (shrugs his shoulders) DJ, just choose so we can get this challenge done in no time

Who should jump first?

  • A- Justin
  • B- Duncan
  • C- You
  • D- Courtney
  • E- Lindsay
  • F- Owen
  • G- Gwen
  • H- Trent
  • I- Harold
  • J- Katie and Sadie
  • K- Leshawna
  • L- Noah
  • M- Ezekiel 
  • N- Eva
  • O- Tyler
  • P- Geoff
  • Q- Bridgette
  • R- Izzy
  • S- Cody
  • T- "Did anyone see where Heather or Beth?"
  • U- "I'm too scared to choose"


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