Everything Wrong With - If You Can’t Take The Heat

Sin # 1


  • Cody was voted off, Chris and you should really stop tormenting the eliminated campers during recaps.

Sin # 2


  • More like Leshawna, Beth and Heather. Lindsay wasn’t exactly doing anything in that scene. Heather did swiped her paintball gun but… other than that, nothing.

Sin # 3


  • Chris, the two teams are equal. Why are you saying the Gophers are the underdogs? They have equal chance of winning as the Bass.

Sin # 4


  • Duncan was wearing boxers from the start of the episode but when he stood up after finding Harold’s underwear, he was now wearing his normal shorts.

Sin # 5-6


  • What happened to Geoff’s one hand?

  • Does Harold really go to sleep with shoes?

Sin # 7


  • Again, did Geoff amputate one of his hands?

Sin # 8-9


  • There are a lot of sins for missing hands in this episode. Looking at you, Geoff.

  • Where did the towel come from?

Sin # 10


  • Woah, Courtney! Touching your butt in public is so gross.

Sin # 11-12


  • How can a truck drive underwater?

  • Chris, you said that the truck brings food every morning… that never happened before.

Sin # 13-14

  • A dolphin can’t drive a truck or any vehicle. Seriously, how do the producers hire their personnel.

  • Dolphins don’t wear clothes.

Sin # 15-16


  • Owen wasn’t even asked to carry ingredients but he exited the truck carrying ribs. Was he planning on eating that?

  • How did Gwen know what Heather wanted? Carrying tomatoes before even getting an order and Heather asking her to get tomatoes shortly afterward. She must have telepathy skill.

Sin # 17-20


  • To make it simple, I’ll just show what was written on the goofs section.

When exiting the truck, Sadie is seen holding a bag of flour, Duncan is holding a ham, DJ is holding a box with various canned goods and baguettes, and Geoff is holding boxes of tomatoes and baguettes. However, when they arrive in the kitchen, DJ is holding Geoff's box, Sadie is holding DJ's box, Duncan isn't carrying anything, and Geoff is holding a single can; which makes it unknown what happened to Sadie's bag of flour. Bridgette is the only camper who carries the same thing off the truck and into the kitchen.

This is a lot of sins. I’ll give one sin per person so four sins.

Sin # 21


  • There is clearly more than one underwear on the floor so why just take one? Harold can just use the other.

Sin # 22-23


  • I can understand Geoff and Duncan but DJ… why is he part of the prank again? Kindness? Friendship?

  • DJ is acting like a jerk in this episode. I thought his momma raised him well.

Sin # 24


  • Says the dork himself.

Sin # 25-26


  • Trent was now carrying the ribs while Owen was carrying the oranges. Were they confused for each other because of the same voice actor? Nope, not convinced.

Sin # 27-28


  • Owen trip down a lot oranges but the oranges weren’t squished.

  • And in the next scene, the oranges were all squished under Owen.

Sin # 29


  • What happened to the clothes on the floor of the cabin earlier? When Geoff took the underwear from the floor, there were a lot of other clothes on the floor.

Sin # 30-31


  • Owen dropped his crate of oranges by the tree where the hornets’ nest was after running away but he entered the mess hall with the crate of oranges.

  • Owen’s orange stain disappeared from his shirt. Oh Owen, did you really eat even that?

Sin # 32

  • How can Bridgette cut the tomatoes perfectly without cutting herself when she’s too busy looking at Geoff?!

Sin # 33-34


  • Feminist comment. Seriously, compared to Ezekiel, these guys are very sexist.

  • Ugh… I don’t want to comment about the mom thing...

Sin # 35-36

  • Gwen, you should be helping with Lindsay with the flambe!

  • Coincidentally, these two are two of the silent contestants on this episode.

Sin # 37


  • What happened to Harold’s wet pants? In my opinion, he should’ve worn those.

Sin # 38

  • Does Sadie have a secret crush on Harold or something?

Sin # 39-40

  • Coincidence that Chris checked up on them when Harold was wearing his revealing underwear.

  • Chris shouldn’t be disgusted, Harold passed through the mess hall to get to the kitchen. Chris was just in the mess hall so why didn’t he see Harold enter?

Sin # 41-42


  • Chris never explained a time limit to the campers. I’m just adding this as a sin since Chris should explain the challenge more clearly.

  • Three hours is actually a lot of time. I mean, Gwen and Trent are already finished with the ribs!

Sin # 43-46


  • Courtney wasn’t seen with the bowl of custard. The table is where the desserts were made since the dough was on the table so what happened to the bowl? Did Courtney set it down off-screen?

  • Harold was also wearing his pants when he was supposed to be wearing that revealing red underwear only.

  • Duncan’s nose piercing disappeared.

  • Wow, are the animators making us forget Sadie was still in the show?

Sin # 47-48


  • Why is Owen not helping in restraining LeShawna. He just disappeared for some reason.

  • Gwen and Lindsay entered the scene from the left side. Only, the Bass were there… Lindsay and Gwen are so mysterious with their grand entrances.

Sin # 49


  • Harold’s buttshot is a sin… enough said.

Sin # 50


  • He does have clothes on.

Sin # 51


  • Is it shorts or pants, Harold? Just decide already!

Sin # 52-53

  • Harold must be blind or something. You could clearly see the stain on the underwear.

  • Where did they get hot sauce?

Sin # 54-55


  • What happened to the stained underwear that Harold was wearing?

  • Harold must really love those shoes. He never takes them off...

Sin # 56-57

  • The bottle that Trent takes off the truck is said to contain molasses, but Lindsay is supposed to use it to ignite the flambé. Molasses contains no alcohol, and thus, would not ignite a flambé. That bottle of molasses is what Lindsay used for the flambe so why did it explode for some reason?

Sin # 58


  • When Heather checked the frying pan for incinerated eye brows, the frying pan had grease but in the following scenes, the frying pan didn’t have any grease anymore.

Sin # 59-61


  • Owen’s hornet stings disappeared. Woah, Owen must have secret powers or something.

  • I’m surprised that the cake is still standing after the explosion.

  • Why does Heather always call for Owen? It would more understandable if she would ask her alliance mate, Lindsay to get the makeup bag.

Sin # 62-63


  • They’re hornets, Owen, not bees.

  • The beehive is now hanging on the side of the cabin, earlier it was hanging from a tree branch so how does Owen know that there’s a beehive there when this is the first time it appeared there.

Sin # 64


  • Harold must have strong teeth to actually bite off a part of his underwear.

Sin # 65


  • Oh look, there’s conveniently bottles on the floor so that Owen can disturb the bees.

Sin # 66


  • The beehive is now white. Earlier, it was yellow.

Sin # 67


  • Oh look, someone left a rake on the ground.

Sin # 68


  • The beehive is now yellow again.

Sin # 69


  • Why did Lindsay try to catch it?She’s still in Heather’s alliance after all so she might want to be on Heather’s good side.

Sin # 70


  • Heather must be really strong, punching through the fridge… or is the fridge door just made of plastic?

Sin # 71


  • Deux Ex Machina right there.

Sin # 72


  • Owen’s hornet stings are gone again.

Sin # 73


  • Really?! Leaving Owen alone with the food is a bad move in my opinion.

Sin # 74


  • The plate with the antipasto was pushed off the table but here, there were no signs of any broken plates.

Sin # 75

  • When the Killer Bass are cheering after they are declared the winner, Sadie's voice is heard even though her mouth didn't move.

Sin # 76


  • When Heather appears before the Gophers after being freed from the fridge, Gwen is next to Leshawna. However, when Heather starts yelling at them after they are declared the losers, Trent is in Gwen's place.

Sin # 77


  • Owen, you ate the ribs, costing your team the challenge so you shouldn’t just point fingers. It’s just a superstition! Cody’s and Izzy’s elimination would’ve happened even without the tiki idol.

Sin # 78


  • Heather’s eyebrows changed from her regular eyebrows which she drew back to the fake eyebrows that she drew in the fridge. Wow, she must really like that style!

Sin # 79


  • Trent is seen holding an ice pack during the elimination ceremony but after retrieving his marshmallow, the ice pack disappears.

Sin # 80

  • Seriously, Owen did a worse job than Beth. Stupid deux ex machina. The tiki doll was only a ruse to save Owen since he is the winner.

Sin # 81-82

  • It’s very convenient that all of the girls decided to go for a swim. Must have been a hot day.

  • Why is Heather smiling? Does she like naked nerds?

Sin # 83


  • Geoff has Duncan’s voice. Must be because they spend too much time with each other.

Sin tally: 83



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