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    Everything Wrong With - If You Can’t Take The Heat

    Sin # 1


    • Cody was voted off, Chris and you should really stop tormenting the eliminated campers during recaps.

    Sin # 2


    • More like Leshawna, Beth and Heather. Lindsay wasn’t exactly doing anything in that scene. Heather did swiped her paintball gun but… other than that, nothing.

    Sin # 3


    • Chris, the two teams are equal. Why are you saying the Gophers are the underdogs? They have equal chance of winning as the Bass.

    Sin # 4


    • Duncan was wearing boxers from the start of the episode but when he stood up after finding Harold’s underwear, he was now wearing his normal shorts.

    Sin # 5-6


    • What happened to Geoff’s one hand?

    • Does Harold really go to sleep with shoes?

    Sin # 7


    • A…

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  • Nihilego Fanatic


    1. No sockpuppeting
    2. Only one vote per user
    3. This would be like Total Drama Horror by ArtDraw so there would be times you would be given choices. The difference is... a certain teddybear would be hosting
    4. Before 'elimination' ceremonies, the viewers would vote for who they want to kill or but your person of choice that you pick, you must have a reason other than complete hatred for them
    5. Have fun!
    6. Campers can die during the challenge so be wary

    Before we begin, italized means it is in the speaker's head

    • Playing as Chris

    You groan in pain as you wake up in an empty room. You noticed an empty cup beside you.

    Chris: Eeewww... did someone expect me to go there? That's unbecoming for a famous host like me

    ???: Upupupupu, welcome... you would be the first vi…

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    Hello, this would be my first blog post! It's inspired by Epic's Escape from Boney Island and ArtDraw's Total Drama Horror.

    I hope you like it!

    But before we begin, can anyone give me instructions on how to change color font and table cell color and... where to find photos of the contestants with the same size. Thanks... I would post episode one once I learn.

    Umm... this is not yet a complete blog since I will post the episode on this but... I'm still new to this

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