Ok you know what? Scourtney...what do I think of them?

Well I think they are adorable. Yes it may seem rushed to some people, but we only have 13 episodes this season. And after all the crap Courtney went through season 3, we are seeing her go back to the Courntey we meet in season 1 with her bossy side in tacked. She deserves someone who makes her happy(and take her bossy ways :P). 

Like I said in my profile before I like to see where they go with this. I think that they had enough interaction to show attraction to one another, plus their teenagers, teens can be attracted to other teens one day and not the next day. So I don't think it was rushed, do I think she down graded from Duncan to Scott? No, I think she finally let herself open up again after having her heart broken from her ex and her friend. With the way her and Gwen's friendship is going I really don't think she would put a Scott before Gwen. Then again she might we won't know till it happens. 

And Scott, going from being a devious villian who would throw challenges to a bumbling dork who can't talk to a girl says a lot about him. It shows he can change to, do I think it is a good change for him? Why not, people change and can do stupid things when they meet someone who they like. 

Truth be told I thought Scott would be playing Courtney at first, I really did not expect them to have any interaction at all. If you notice,Scott would of said he was in the confessional, like he did with every other plot he did in season 4. He tends to make good of confessional that way. 

This being said from a girl who was once a Courtney and Duncan fan. I really don't know how I am going to finishing writing my fanfic  Lost in a Small Town after Duncan and Courtney's break up. :/ oh well I will just have to get through the awrkwardness of the characters and finish writting it the way I had planned.

And Scott and Dawn? Really? One scene, she thought he had bettle whispering skills and being a animal lover she was amazed. After that she was supious about him throwing challenges and would prove it that he was and in the end Scott plotted against her.

That it, take it of leave it. This is something that has been on my mind since I have been seeing a lot of hate for this couple over on tumblr.

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