Hello Guys! NewTDWTFAN here with my first blog. So as you all know, TD has been renewed! YAY! Anyway, I would like to see your opinions on this season by dropping a comment down below about which character you want to see. As maybe announced, only Gen 1 characters are coming back so no saying other characters from different gens. I am very interested into seeing what you can come up with! Have Fun!

What I would like to see: 1. Broader cast I fell like this season of TD will have a hopefully bigger cast.

2. Deeper plots I feel like some characters that should return should have better plots. Tyler and Lindsay, Gwen and Courtney ect.

3. 2nd and 3rd gen characters. It seems like only gen 1 characters will be coming back but if maybe all three gens meet that would be AMAZING!!! So Yeah that's all I want for the new season! Thx for stopping by and leave a comment if you can!

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