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    TD BrantSteele

    May 30, 2017 by NewTDWTFAN

    Hello Guys! NewTDWTFAN here and today, I feel like what better way to wait for the new season than create a Simulator on BrantSteele! You guys can sign up for my simulator in the comments. 22 spots are available and the challenges will be on the TDI format. To sign up for my simulator, answer these honestly in the comments below:

    If you were a TD character who would you be?

    • You can pick any character from the franchise including RR.

    How good is your challenge performance? (1 to 5 1 being poor and 5 being great)

    How strategic are you? (Per above)

    Loyalty level?

    Social skills?

    And finally, Temperment level. (1 being calm and 5 being Exteme rage)

    So that's all you have to do. I will update the blog 2 episodes per day. Thanks!

    17/22 desired spots fille…

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    New TD Season!

    May 3, 2017 by NewTDWTFAN

    Hello Guys! NewTDWTFAN here with my first blog. So as you all know, TD has been renewed! YAY! Anyway, I would like to see your opinions on this season by dropping a comment down below about which character you want to see. As maybe announced, only Gen 1 characters are coming back so no saying other characters from different gens. I am very interested into seeing what you can come up with! Have Fun!

    What I would like to see: 1. Broader cast I fell like this season of TD will have a hopefully bigger cast.

    2. Deeper plots I feel like some characters that should return should have better plots. Tyler and Lindsay, Gwen and Courtney ect.

    3. 2nd and 3rd gen characters. It seems like only gen 1 characters will be coming back but if maybe all three…

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