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Okay. This is the blog where I will reveal who's the least favorite and post my thoughts on it. I've had a lot of people who sent me your list and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to find pretty much everyone's list to be very different from all others. In fact, no two lists where even similar! Well there was one thing that was similar but....I'll get back to that later!

But without further ado--let's start this thing! Let's start...Total Drama: Boys vs. Girls. :) (some of you asked how I organized the character sheet. It's alphebetical and evenly divided up by gender. The teams logos are not mine--they are found from pictures of google images. Full team logo would be shown when every member of the team is eliminated. :) )

Total Drama

40 / 39: Leshawna Jr. / Mr. Coconut

File:Mr. Coconut Countdown.jpeg

Looks like we have our very first double-eliminated right from the start! Why? Because unfortuantely, some most of you forgot to include them! It's just as well though. Mr. Coconut and especially Leshawna Jr. were pretty forgetful characters that served very little then to have an excuse to provide comic relief as well as extending the plot for the remaining characters..For what it's worth, Leshawna Jr. seemed to have the most votes casted against her. In fact, some people have admitted that they remember Scruffy, Duncan's pet tarantula more than they did Leshawna Jr!

Mr. Coconut, on the other hand seems to have received some more mercy from such neglegence than his cousin did and I feel that it's because he was the first original non-human contestant and the ONLY unanimated contestant (unless you count the robot in TDAS know, whatever). He's also the first and currently only "dead" contestant since Chef Hatchet was seen slicing him in half the episode after his elimination. People also speculate that Mr. Coconut either IS controlling the robot, debuts in TDAS and even going so far as to win TDAS all together. In any event, Mr. Coconut is appearantly far more memoriable then Leshawna Jr. was, and yet just as easily forgetable at the same time.

Now on to the first contestant who was fairly eliminated...

38. Staci


I'm a bit disappointed that Staci was so low, frankly, although I can't say that I'm particuarly surprised. Absolutely nothing is known about this character and it's not only because she had very little screentime devoted to her, but also because (due to her pathologic lying nature) the audience is forced to assume that Staci is always lying when she opens her mouth, thereby forcing us to not know much of her at all and sealing her mystery. While I've noticed that the audience seems to enjoy mysterious personality, such as the style of Gwen and particuarly Dawn, the audience defiantly doesn't like repetivie forced mystery which is essentially what Staci is. Personally, I felt that Staci had great potential. By that, I do not mean challenge-wise but in the use of her humor or maybe even using her for some unintended drama due to her lies ("I heard Mike said...." or "Scott told me that...." etc). Althoguh it appears that I'm in the minority of this opinion.

37. Owen


There seems to be a fine line between coincidence and irony. Owen, the original winner of Total Drama Island, an iconic character that is more recognized than even Chris Mcclean himself, is the most least favorite male contestant, according to polls. I personally expected Owen's rating to be particuarly low when I started this blog but I never thought he'd be this hated! This is very understandable though given that Owen literally dishes out the exact same toilet humor, a quality that I personally--a apparantly many others--find unamusing. It also doesn't help that Owen never evolves as a character. Owen appears to be the exact same character as he was in Total Drama Island and it doesn't seem that any of the drama on the island really effects him on a personal level in any way (although he did feel that Izzy abandoned him at one point in Total Drama World Tour).

It also seems to be an interesting concept that Owen might be a Mary-Stu in disguise. The more I think about this, the more the puzzles seems to fit. He is the development's favorite pet, he doesn't appear to have any real weakness, all the challenges appear to bend to his will, everyone on the island respects and admires him (with only the clear exception of Alejandro) despite pretty much every audience getting sick of him, and he always seems to makes it far in the game despite having zero strategy. An interesting blog poll I may start in the future would be to discuss who's a more Mary-Sue, Owen or Zoey?

36. Katie

I'm a bit surprised that Katie placed lower than Sadie, but honestly who here expected them to be top tier characters anyway? Largely forgotten and left by the way-side, Katie is often depicted as a naive, silly, incompetent, and dumb valley girl. She is almost always seen with her best friend Sadie, who is pretty much the exact opposite of Katie and yet a perfect clone. It seems to me though that Katie gets the short-end of the stick by the fact that everyone else refers to her as "Katie and Sadie,". Therefore, she would be the most probable person voted off first of the two since Katie is what first comes to mind--a clear unfair but understandable disadventage to her.

Something that is also very easily overlooked is that Katie, in fact, could be the potential "leader" of her friendship with Sadie, albeit very slightly. Her label is the "Sweet Girl," after all where as Sadie's is "The Sweet Girl's Friend," which is a clear copy-cat. Also, Katie is almost always the first person to speak up first, with Sadie parotting her best friend. It's a bit frustrating, really, that Katie and Sadie were both voted off early and that we are probably never going to see them compete again as I feel that their relationship has so much potential...although the "break-up, make-up" friendship joke is getting rather tiresome now, admittingly.

35. Sadie


Sadie talks about her sister's allergy.

  • dramatic gasp*

A shocker, I know...Sadie is eliminated immediately after Katie. Who saw that coming?? Okay, seriously, I legitametally considered doing a double-elimination for Sadie and Katie due to their close votes. However, I then realized that Katie's votes are tied with Owen's vote, so actually I made a goof yesterday and the day-before by eliminating Owen before Katie when technically they were double-eliminated. I apologize for this factor. For what it's worth though, the votes between Sadie and Katie / Owen are only 5 points! Ah Sadie, the infamous copy-cat, perhaps overweight, largely forgotten, and misunderstood character. I was surprised to see that Sadie placed higher than Katie because despite their similarlies, Sadie is actually quite different from Katie (if you ignore the obvious differences, such as height, body type, skin tone, etc.) Sadie is a follower of Katie and Katie seems to dictate where they go and what they do. The only exception to this is when Katie accidentally insults Sadie. This leads me to think that Sadie (and perhaps even Katie) is incapable of thinking for herself. She is easily distracted and could be very easily manipulated. It's also interesting that she has almost no speaking lines at all when Katie is voted off (except for her tears in the following episode, and of course, her elimination episode). This is just begging the assertion that Katie and Sadie are absolutely pointless without the other. Perhaps this is why the developer's of Total Drama refuse to return Katie and Sadie to the show, since they are both, by definition, filler characters. I myself didn't care too much for Sadie or for that matter Katie. I felt that their personalities should have been the other way around, in that they are best friend forever with each others, and yet they are bullies to everyone else on the island. Honestly, it's somewhat boring to see Katie and Sadie--both the sweetest girls on the island--getting along with literally everyone and singing about roses and honey and unicorns over and over again. At least if they were mean girls, they could have some more potential for drama.

34. Blaineley


And....the ladies take another blow off their numbers.

Mildred "Blaineley" Stacy Andrews has only been featured in only eight episodes and yet she has largely overstated her welcome. Her character, as a whole, annoyed me to tears. It's one thing to unintentially cause drama, it's another thing to delibertely cause drama if such drama was needed to further extend your lead in the game, however it's another thing entirely if your very existence is to just cause drama just for the sake of causing drama. I'm still not quite sure how it's not considered cheating for her to be on *the challenge anyway due to her significant age range, as she is well older than the other contestants. Also, to introduce her as a grotesque fart bomb didn't earn any points to her favor (although I admit there was *one* particular scene in an aftermath show which I thought was rather amusing where Geoff pointed out her "real weight," and it showed Blaineley as she might look if she was pregnant.

I do not like her as a contestant. I can *barely* tolerate her as a potential replacement for Chris. I can probably accept her as a permanat host of the Aftermath shows, if and only if it gives Geoff and Bridgette an excuse to compete. Her participation in the challenge was inexcusable though, and the fact that she wasn't even in the theme song at all really is sending red lights to my OCD. I get that she was just a practical joke--likely one done at the last minute-- but at least make it consistant!

33. Duncan


And at last we return to the guy's side...but we've already arrived with one of our three infamous controversal characters of the show!

Yes, Duncan, who is the self-proclaimed favorite character of the entire show is one of the most least-favorite total drama contestant in total drama. At least of 2013. Why is this? Is it *really* because of the screen time? I disagree entirely. After all, Sadie and Staci have the absolute worse screen times in total drama history and yet that justifies their lack of supporters while some certain other characters (not spoiling just yet! :P) are handed screentime on a silver platter and yet they are praised. I'm going to make a guess and suggest that it's really not about the screentime Duncan receives, but actually the big elephant in the room, which I am NOT going to address as I do not wish to drive another war. I'm sure most of you have heard my opinions on the matter anyway. 

Back on topic--An interesting thing to note is that Duncan doesn't appear to have a "middle ground" as far as votes goes. There isn't a fan of the show who "doesn't care" one way or another for Duncan, in other words, as he is apparantly overwhelmingly detested...and yet his popularity is risen due to other fans who happen to worship the ground he walks on. It appears as if people blame TDWT's insignificance in comparision to TDA and TDI's brillance with Duncan's affairs--albeit unintentially. Or maybe people are really just tired of seeing him on their television screen. Either way, Duncan apparantly has a shockingly poor support system.

32. Justin


The death toll knells for our first antagonist. Justin is placed right at the borderline of "I dislike him" and the "I don't care" category. This is the result of polorization with him, much in the same way that Duncan got his low rating. The exception is that Justin was placed closer to the middle of everyone's lists. He wasn't anybody's top 5, and for good reason too. He had zero personality whatsoever in Total Drama Island having only three lines in the entire series (even his promo didn't feature him speaking) and with him being an antagoinst of Total Drama Action was the kiss of death for many to dislike him. I myself thought that I would never like Justin, but over time I've come to realize that Justin's...not so bad as I thought. In fact, he gradually went up my own list. (Although, to be fair, breaking up with girlfriends via text-message just to hook up with the next one is pretty despicable).

I'm a bit disappointed that Justin would probably never be playing the game anymore. It's pretty obvious that his character is already done and over with. When All-Stars was confirmed, I immediately hoped that at least two villains would be confirmed (for I was sure that Courtney would be confirmed and as a villain too, to boot. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised she was a hero!). These two villains I hoped for where none other than Justin and Eva for both have great potential, one screams "main antagonist", and the other could've experimented with his attraction with Courtney (I'm a CxJ supporter, oddly enough. I'm the only one in that field, it seems!). Needless to say, it would've caused plenty of drama for Courtney to have an infatuated stalker ala Sierra...only far more interesting!

Justin, PLEASE come back to total Drama! The entire world Only Damfectionist is begging you!

31 / 30.

Scott / Ezekiel

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (59)

Scott with the Chris Head.

Australia ezekiel landing gear

Moar bois outta the challenge and I can't be anymore pleased to see these two leave. I absolutely positively HATE everything about Scott and I feel that ezekiel has long overstayed his welcome. Both are predictable and uninteresting, and literally devotes their screentime to a particular "rule" of the island that apparantly only applies to them and them alone. By this, I mean of Fang's obsession with Scott and of Ezekiel remaining a zombie despite pretty much everyone else already back to their original selfs. Neither of these traits are terribly amusing to me, but for what it's worth, I will say that Ezekiel's zombie gimmick is far more intriquing than Scott's "Tom & Jerry" game with Fang.

Oh, Scott. How I hate thee so. Your strategy was dumb and ineffective, your voice is more annoying than Sadie and Sierra's and you're overall just a despicable character. And yet, people appearantly find some good values in him. I ask to you Scott fans, what exactly is it about Scott that draws you to him? What's there to like about Scott? The only thing I can find that can even remotely be consider humorious is his superior "prone to accidents" similar to that of Tyler's. You've never really explained how you got the invincibility statue, so technically that's cheating from the writers side. But all of these are pretty miniscue things to complain about. Naw, the one thing I hate the most--the MOST--about Scott is this....

Scott Original


This prototype of Scott is absolutely, completely, totally, ten times MUCH better on all counts than Scott's current design. He has much more color, he looks older, his beard makes him look more intimidating...and his eyes look much more devious then his current design. Scott is literally the ONLY total drama contestant in the series where I prefer his prototype design over his official design and that's really saying something because most prototype designs are very lackluster, cliched, and lacking in detail. It frustrates me to no end that this is how Scott COULD'VE looked. For the reccord though, Scott, I still hate you regardless of what shirt you wear or how thick your beard is.

In conclusion, I just don't see anything likeable to him at all. I'm sorry if this rant offends fans of him, but I'm legitamately rustrated with him.

Now onto Ezekiel.

I can see how some people might be confused where to put Ezekiel for I delibertly did not mention which Ezekiel, for their are clearly two types of Ezekiels--the human and the zombie one. Either way, it doesn't seem to matter. Ezekiel is right smack-dab in the middle of the "I don't care" category. I feel that Ezekiel was originally much lower on everyone's lists due to his inactivity but his apparant attraction to Anne Maria clued people in that devoloper's still haven't forgotten about Ezekiel and thus could still evolve Ezekiel as a character. I wish they would just drop his "teen-talk" though and focus on something else. And no, I do not want Zombie Ezekiel to be his "something else,". His approach to romantic relationships could be an interesting progress given his innocient sexism, and it seems that we have already seen some of that with his attraction towards Anne Maria. In any event, I wouldn't be surprised if Ezekiel makes a frequent appearance in later seasons.

29. Cameron

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (24)

You know, I'll be honest. I've never really liked Cameron. I had my reasons against him even from the start when he was first casted. I felt that his legs were distrubingly skinny, that his personality as a "bubble boy" (literally!) wasn't a true persona, and on the personal TMI side of things, I was recovering from a bad-breakup from a fellow who shared his name when he was first annnounced. So perhaps I had already had a biased precept position against him. I do accept, for the sake of agreement, that Cameron is relatively a popular kid, both in the fanbase and in the show and for what it's worth it surprised me to see that people who have virtually no personalities outside of their shallow sterotype (I'm looking right at you, Eva!).

I'm over Cameron now so I can see him without those glasses two years ago and I can clearly see that he's an okay fellow. I'd probably wouldn't bunch him in my top ten places though because I haven't seen much devolopment from him. Every episode is pretty much him acting like Scobby Doo, only to courageous beat up giant spiders, stepping up to Jo, and eliminating Scott. Some people say that the latter of these activities demonstrate Cameron to be the protagonist of TDRI in that he overcame Scott, who was the antagoinst. I disagree entirely, as I felt that Zoey was more involved with her interactions with Scott then Cameron really was. I felt that Cameron's heroism comes from his stepping up to Jo though.

28. Trent


I used this picture for "trent" because while Kelsey is hideous, the Trent doll is just so overwhelmingly incredible. It's so adorable! And yet it's creepy the more and more you think about it. I'm almost certain that Chris wouldn't sell life-sized dolls of the contestants to the public so that can only mean that Kelsey hand-made this doll of Trent to play with seemingly for all eternity. *shudders*

EDIT: It appears I'm mistaken. I had forgotten that Chris did, in fact, sell dolls of Courtney and of Beth once to I guess anything is possible. Doesn't exclude the fact that Kelsey is creepy though!

Trent...what's wrong, man? You're actually one of my top ten characters. You have so much potential! You're THE character that is beging for more character development and it's quite obvious that you still have room to evolve. However, the big bullies of Fresh Networking requires you to be seperate from Gwen, who is apparantly a much more popular character than you are. I don't understand why Trent couldn't be included in the infamous triangle. Sure, he probably wouldn't be directly involved but his inherrent jealousy would be interesting to watch.  Also maybe a potential Trent / Courtney? I'm not sure how I fell about this because Courtney and Trent rarely ever communicate, let alone interact. I guess it can fall both ways though--BECAUSE they haven't interacted, I can't say a relationship can't form. It's an interesting paradox for me to fall into.

It's a bit ironic that Trent wasn't featured in TDWT as I thought for sure they would have all members of the boy band in the musical season, and if not at least they would have the man who is infamous for playing the guitar. The fact that he wasn't even considered really disappoints me.

It's no surprise that Trent is relatively low on the list. In fact he's smack-dab in the middle of the population poll. I feel this is because of his absence as well as Gwent fans clinging onto the sliver of hope that the two could recooperate. Personally, I don't see that happening anytime soon, but for what it's worth, Gwent is the only couple I see that has the best chance of redemption, considering their personalities. It all depends on how unforgiving Gwen can be.

27. DJ


Wow, men. You guys are really sucking hard at this game! And for good reason too. It appears as if the audience favors the zanier characters which are typically designated towards the ladies for some reason. Follow up on this at the conclusion of this poll! :)

Ahh, DJ. I never know what to do with you. You always seem to frustrate me in that I feel as if I am obligated to like you since you're the sweetest guy ever, and yet I hate your devolopment so much because you're one of the most boring person ever. And yet I don't have a justification why! I can't critcize you in TDI because, well, you were new to the world so I was obligated to give you a chance...and yet I loved you in TDA, despite your cliched devolopment, your short visit, and your predictable conclusion but your appearance in TDWT sort of sealed the deal to me. I honestly don't know whether to blame Alejandro for the direct annhilation of pretty much all my favorite characters (save for Harold) on your team, or to blame it on your supposed curse that you picked up in Egypt. I suppose I subconciously blame you two both for the same sin since I hate Alejandro just as much....and to top it all off, your appearance in TDRI....Why you of all people were chosen to make a cameo appearnace right after the legendary Heather appearance is beyond me. Although, for what it's worth, you were the perfect canidate for the challenge in mind. Had they held this challenge a little earlier (which I see no reason why they couldn't), I probably wouldn't have minded your appearance. Perhaps I'm unfairly judging you on unfair circumstances. But I'm just letting the chips fall where they may. Maybe your curse is still upon you.

I'm so going to get death mail from DJ fans at the end of this post. Sorry, guys! I love all of you! <3

I feel that people have the same generally opinion of you, DJ. You are a quiet fellow now and you seem to be right between the scary spot of "Fully devoloped; ergo useless" and "redemption time!" which is pretty much inconclusive when DJ's concerned. I feel that we will never see DJ again and yet others feel just as passionately that he would be the first one thought by the producers for next veteran season. One thing is for sure though, nobody passionately hates DJ for he's just that much of a likable guy!

26. Anne Maria

Finders Creepers (32)

I don't know what to make of this. People actually prefer Eva over Anne Maria? Apparantly so!

Anne Maria is another one of those characters where I had high expectations for based on her prototype model. In fact, I labeled her as the main antagonist! She seemed to have that perfect agressive look even with her eyes blocked. When the eye masks where taken off, I instantly realized that Anne Maria was destined to be another filler comic relief character and thus my main antagonist predictation was bestowed on Dakota's old prototype model (or Zoey's current model, for convienance). I was quite pleasantly surprised that Anna Maria survived as far as she did. Much like the other filler characters, Anne Maria's joke was surrendered by one theme and that was her obsession with her hairspray. Had Anne Maria was not chosen for the love traingle, I can almost certainly guarentee that she would've been eliminated much sooner than she did...and yet I feel that she got eliminated too soon. I felt that they could've milked that Mike / Anna Maria / Zoey conflict more. Anna Maria and Zoey had little communication to each other, for example, and we have no idea how Anna Maria reacts to Mikes other "characters,". Does she know that Mike have MPD and just doesn't care so long as Vito's around? Does she assume that Vito is the real Mike? Or does she think that Mike and Vito are two different people? None of these questions are answered and I feel that these are good questions for Anna Maria...interesting character, this one is!

25 / 24. B / Harold

Snapshot 2009-02-15 22-44-35
B confused

18) B

Yes, I'm alive. Sorry for the unexpes cted hiatus.

And the boy's takes yet another toll. Another double-eliminated has been suffered for the boys I'll start with B first.

I'm not sure where the appeal is for B. He doesn't seem to have that much of a personality besides being a strong silent man. I suspect that B was a last minute addition to the crew due to the fact that B wasn't included in the original 12 character list, the fact that his character is literally a recycled background character, the fact that he had no lines whatsoever, and the fact that his existance caused an imbalance in the game which nobody else seems to even notice or even care. (Although next season, Jo, who was against B at the time, will complain about the imbalance of power...interesting). To me, B just seems like a lazy last minute literal cut and paste of a character and the most frusterating thing is that there doesn't seem to be a real reason for adding a list minute character. It's perfectly fine if you need to add more to the roster, I just hoped that your last person wouldn't be a filler character.

I'm also a bit annoyed that B literall has more confessionals than some other characters do in the show who actually have more potential than B does. Eva, anyone?

Now onto Harold.

Harold is, at least to me, another cut and dry character, although his persona could be the product of a poor imaginination. He is literally and delibertely a walking sterotype of Napolean Dynomite. Now, please understand viewers, that I have yet to see the actually movie, but after hearing hundreds of quotes from the movie, I can safely deduce that almost all of Harold's one-liners are taken--verbatim usually--from the movie. His catchphrase especcially, "GAWSH!" I'm a bit disappointed with Harold because I feel that TDA would have been a lot better season had the final two been Harold vs. Lindsay as I feel that both these characters had a role with their arch-nemies, and thus they could've worked out a formula in which their nemieses was eliminated in the final episode. In other words, I think the final five in TDA should've been this;

5. Owen

4 / 3. Duncan / Courtney

2 / 1 Lindsay / Harold.

(Beth would be eliminated in Lindsay's position).

This is particuarly because Lindsay's enemey was Courtney and Harold's was Duncan. Also had this happened, the final two in TDAS could be Courtney  vs. Duncan.

But naw. Harold's a good character, I suppose. But it seems that he has lost his potential since they basically wasted his chance all together with TDA.

Who has a chance to take the million dollar loot? And who's the next loser to take the boot? Find out next time on Total....Drama....Boys vs. Girls!

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