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    Hey guys...sorry I'm late!

    Okay. This is the blog where I will reveal who's the least favorite and post my thoughts on it. I've had a lot of people who sent me your list and I must say that I was pleasantly surprised to find pretty much everyone's list to be very different from all others. In fact, no two lists where even similar! Well there was one thing that was similar but....I'll get back to that later!

    But without further ado--let's start this thing! Let's start...Total Drama: Boys vs. Girls. :) (some of you asked how I organized the character sheet. It's alphebetical and evenly divided up by gender. The teams logos are not mine--they are found from pictures of google images. Full team logo would be shown when every member of the team i…

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  • Nermal12

    Requesting a cowriter

    March 24, 2013 by Nermal12

    As some of you might be already aware, I have plans on making a Total Drama Webcomic, quite similar to Zobe's. Although this webcomic will not take place at a school, but at Lake Nawkwaawa, and it has 18 original campers.

    I'm interesting in having a cowriter and ESPECIALLY someone who can draw TDI style particuarly well, as I don't have confidence in my own drawing skills.

    Challenge ideas, interactions with other characters, and even character devolopement would defiantely be appreciated and considered. However, the cast is already set and locked, it is already predetermined who is the main antagonist, who is the winner/runner-up, the character's label and the entire elimination order.

    If you are interested, please reply to this blog. Include…

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