Took place at 4:00 PM EST last Saturday, I am writing it today because I haven't written it yet.

Tyler: You want a athlete on your show? Check some of this action!

Tyler is seen grabbing a football, and running back a few steps and passing it so long that it hit a cat which hit a trash can.

Tyler is in his swimsuit, jumping on a 10 yard diving board, jumps from it, and is in swimming position, but the jump was so high, he sank.

A basketball hoop is seen, Tyler dunks it and ricochets the hoop with the basketball. He lands safely, with him making the shot.

Tyler: See, you got the man! I trained hard a lot! And if you put me on the show, you will get hundred of power! *pants fall down* Oh no! *gets embarrassed*

Note: Tyler now wears boxers due to him being a athlete.


Tyler is seen in his bedroom

So you can see. I got a lot to cover. The Football, swimming and basketball. I have one disadvantage, though. I can't play volleyball well. I remember that pastime.

Flashback (9 weeks ago): Tyler is seen with his friend Andrew on a volleyball court in the beach.

Andrew: Go get it, Ty!

Tyler: Look out, And. Here I come!

Tyler falls and the volleyball bounce out the court. Flashback ends.

So if you do a volleyball challenge. I might make my team lose and I'll become eliminated. So whatever you do, don't do a volleyball challenge.

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