Took place about 4:30 PM EST last Saturday, I am writing it today because I haven't written it yet.

Sierra: Hi, everybody! *slips out of bed into about 1 feet away from the camera* I am Sierra! I am a über-fan about you! so if you pick me, I will defiantly love it that I am in your season of Global Drama! Oh, and also I am such a Über fan of you. I am a sibling to Cody! And I want to marry him later!

Cody: *camera zooms in on Cody* Well, I guess she isn't bad after a- *gets dropped* I wonder why she did that?

Camera zooms out. About a second later Sierra is seen chasing Cameron, with Cameron screaming.


Sierra is seen in her room with poster from models of her and total drama posters.

Sierra: Oh, man. I'm going to win this, all right. The fate is inside of me. The kind that I will be on GD! I am sooooo excited! I have the fate inside. I can't wait to win!

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