Total Drama Villains

Ok, Total Drama Villains are strategic players, who can manipulate people to get their hands on the million. Yet some of them are lovable characters that are not really hated, unlike the writer's purpose of making them. Here are my reactions on them


Heather is with no doubt the most loved Total Drama antagonist ever. She was the OG villain who manipulated everyone and survived all the hate in Total Drama Island, she also made it surprisingly far in Action, since everyone hated her in Island. I loved her in World Tour and All-Stars as well. I am a huge shipper of AleHeather and I think many people are too.



Justin, Justin, Justin!

Justin a hated character, and I can see why. He was mildly annoying and he barely ever did anything to consider him an antagonist. He was so bland in Island so they made him a "villain".


The Princess Courtney

Duncan is handsome, even as a frog!

Courtney, Courtney, Courtney. People have mixed feelings about you. Some downright HATE her, and some consider her the best TD character ever. For me, she got more and more derailed every season. Her relationship with Duncan was fine, but then Scott? She was a total baby in Action. The Gwuncney love triangle was HORRIBLE Don't even tell me about Sundae Muddy Sundae.


You and I weren't meant to last.

OMG! AleHeather forever!

If I had to say the second best antagonist in the Total Drama franchise. He was manipulative, even more strategic than Heather, tricked girls into liking him, he was the perfect Justin-Heather fusion. I loved him in World Tour as well in All-Stars. His and Heather's kiss was one of the only good things about the Final Wreck-ening. Then again, some people hate him. Because he caused the eliminations of... Harold, Bridgette, LeShawna, DJ, Noah, Duncan. Some pretty well-liked characters, pretty similar to our next antagonist.



Why do you people still hate me? I've changed for the better!

Many people have mixed feelings about Scott. And I did too. At first I disliked him a bit in Revenge of the Island for eliminating some contestants I liked. But In All-Stars he was hilarious! He was one of the few who didn't get derailed. He was the BEST pain magnet ever. His relationship with Courtney didn't bother me too much either. And like Heather and Alejandro, he was strategic and would do anything to win.



If only Duncan didn't blow up Chris' mansion.

Mal is literally one of the most hated TD characters ever. But he's fine with me. It was a nice twist and I thought Mike having a hidden evil personality was pretty cool. Sure all he did was break stuff and eliminate Alejandro, but he was more of a villain than others... *cough* Justin *cough*


So long Sugar

Guess you can say we're...SUGARFREE HURHURHUR

To think of it, Sugar was more of a gag character than a villain. But she was mean and caused Ella and Jasmine's eliminations so... At first Sugar came out annoying, until I realized she was so damn hilarious! But I think she lasted a bit too long. Like Max, who is funny to some people, but annoying to me. Also, her conflict with Ella was nice I guess?

And there we have it, my thoughts on Total Drama antagonists. Make sure you leave opinions in the comments!

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