I'll pretty much do this when I'm bored, or whenever. It won't be every week, but I hope it'll be more often. xD

So here's the answers from... months ago.... The question was, Which Total Drama character would you like to be related to? (This was before TD:RI, of course.)

Number One Answer: Bridgette

With 13 votes, most of you would like to have Bridgette in your family due to her down-to-earth, caring personality, and I have to agree. She's one of the nicest characters on the show and a lot of people think she would be a cool sister to have.

Number Two Answer: DJ

This was my pick, because like Bridgette, DJ is a very kind person. He wouldn't hurt a fly, and he's soooooo sweet. Plus, he can cook!

Number Three Answer: Leshawna

Leshawna's protective persona caused a lot of you to want her to be your relative. She would have your back, no matter what, and she usually does the right thing, making her someone you want to rely on.

The new question, in celebration of the TD:RI premiere is this: Which characters do you think will get far in the game? Not saying they will, not saying they won't. It's just who you think will based on the first episode. I'll update this as soon as possible, so don't forget to answer! :D

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