Yeah... This is awkward...

I sincerely apologize for not updating this sooner. To be perfectly honest, I forgot to. Feel free to throw flaming rocks at me. >_<

Anyways, your top three answers to last time's question... :D

Number One Answer: Courtney's elimination in TDI

Many of you were upset that Harold switched the votes in order to get Courtney eliminated in Basic Straining, or were just curious to see what would happen if Courtney made it past the merge. With 6 votes, this was the top answer.

Number Two Answer: Duncan's return and Noah's elimination

As a die-hard Noah fan, this was my pick. Team Amazon shouldn't have won the challenge in I See London... (Thanks a lot, Chris.) and had Duncan not returned, Noah wouldn't have been eliminated. Many of you said that rather than Noah being eliminated, you would like to see Owen eliminated instead. I found that very interesting, myself.

Number Three Answer: Ezekiel as a zombie-thing

Argh, I hated this. Ezekiel was a stowaway for the entire season, and living in those horrid conditions caused him to become, well, un-human. If he had just accepted his loss in the first place, Heather would've kept the million she deserved to win. >_>

Other popular answers: Duncan and Gwen's kiss, Trent's 9 fetish, Tyler's TDWT elimination, and DJ having the animal curse.

This week's question: Which Total Drama character would you want to be related to in real life? Please don't give me reasons like, "They're my favorite character :3" Blaineley's my other favorite, and there's no way I'd want to be related to her. xD

So, please, be creative! And I promise I'll update next week, no more long hiatuses for me!

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