Okay, I seriously did not expect Senseless Survey to be as popular as it did. The very first blog had 66 comments. That's amazing. :D You guys are awesome. Except the ones who voted for Chef, you guys aren't awesome. >_> Loljk. :p

Anyway, here's the results! ^_^

1- Gwen's Diary

Heather read a portion of this out loud during Not Quite Famous and many of you were curious as to what else was in it. If Gwen would ever give it to us, we'd learn a lot more about her, that's for sure. :p

2- Princess Courtney Doll

This would be one of the harder props to get, as they weren't sold for very long. (Thanks a lot, lawyers.) Maybe if Beth and Lindsay were willing to give up theirs? xD

3- Geoff's Hat

This was my personal pick. Geoff's hat was seen in almost every episode he appeared in, and it's a pretty nifty hat. :3 -steals that hat-

4- Noah's Book

Ah, yes. The book that apparently was more important to Noah than playing dodgeball. It'd probably be difficult to read, but it'd sure be interesting to see what he's been reading this whole time. c:

5- Izzy's Paintball Gun

Oh, Izzy. xD We love you, your gun, and your craziness. No other explanation is needed.

6- Mr. Coconut

Mr. Coconut was hilarious in his only episode. Remember that one line he said? And the other one? xDDDD Seriously, Mr. Coconut would be an awesome prop to own. If only we could find his remains...

Other popular answers- The wooden skull Duncan carved for Courtney, the Sunglasses worn by Heather, Justin, Noah, and Alejandro, Courtney's PDA, Ezekiel's toque, a Gilded Chris Award.

This week's question is... If you could change any event in any episode, what would it be and why?

(Thanks to User:Mygeto for the question. If you have a question you'd like to see as a Survey question, post it as a comment on any Senseless Survey or on my talk page. I want this to be totally interactive with the users. :3)

Voting closes Friday, January 7th.

Thanks for participating in this week's Senseless Survey! :D

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