Well, May 4th. It's an important date because it's....

ADDICT'S BIRTHDAY! Say it with me, kids: Happy birthday, Addict! :33333

Oh yeah, and it's my birthday, too. xD

But the point of this blog was not so we could be all, "Happy birthday, Neko". If I'm still here to write this blog, it means I've been here a looooong time, and I have a ton of people to thank for being so awesome. :3

-takes a deep breath-

AJ, Musou, Nalyd, Ishni, Poli, CD, Feddy, Addict, TDA15, MTDM, Gleek, Tulle, Kg, WM, Ryan, BB, Mygeto, Missy, Liz, Jam, Bigez, Mikey, Jackson, Crash, n3, Silver, Ale, DJ Fan, TDF, Chaz, and everyone else I forgot writing this. :3

Fifteen years old, baby! Woo! :D

EDIT: I almost forgot! Everyone, congratulate Aimers, he's an RB now! :3

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