All right, as a way to combat all the insanity that all seems to happen all at once, I've decided to come up with a little something something that all users can come to: The Improv-a-thon!

You see, games are fun, right? And everyone knows the best games are improv games. You see, improv games are when you have to make something up on the spot, just like that. Here some of my personal favorite improv games:

  • Alphabet Improv- This game is where people must act out a scene, and each line must start with the next letter of the alphabet. Ex.: "Ezekiel became a zombie." "For real?" "Goodness, that's scary!"
  • Story-Telling- The users take turns adding a line to a story. The story can be about anything, when I did this in school, we ended up with a story about a dog who recorded stuff with Lady Gaga and Usher. (Yeah, I dunno either.)
  • Hitchhiker- One of my favorites. Two users drive a car, and pick up a hitchhiker. The hitchhiker acts a certain way, and the other two in the car must act like them. Ex.: Hitchhiker: "I HATE YOU ALL." People in car: "I HATE YOU. DON'T TALK TO ME." Eventually, the driver leaves the car, and they pick up a new hitchhiker, and it nust continues like that.

Everyone is invited to come, so long as they follow the rules standing at the moment. The Improv-a-thon will be in #TDWIKI-IMPROV at 6 PM EST tomorrow, sound good? Let's forget about the drama for a little. :3

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