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  • Neko-naito

    I miss you all

    May 29, 2015 by Neko-naito

    Okay, so I doubt 99% of you know who I am, and I definitely don't know who 99% of you are. But those of you who know me and I know you, I miss you all a lot. Somehow we need to like, hang out (if you can call it that online?) more. It's been quite some time since I've posted on the wiki, as school caught up to me (college is hard you guys) and I've been crazy busy. 

    I saw something about a reunion in July, and if that's still happening, I am totally down.

    Sorry about the rambling, I was feeling nostalgic and wanted to reach out to you guys! Also, the only way I know to reach a wide audience is a blog post so. 


    Neko (aka Bronwyn but hey)

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  • Neko-naito

    An Angry Rant

    February 18, 2012 by Neko-naito

    Spoilers for the latest episode will appear in this blog. Warning you now.

    So, this episode, although not a bad episode at all, had one glaring thing that set me off and made me soooooo irritated.

    The challenge.

    Chris McLean has always been sadistic, I know. He only cares about three things: His hair, his ratings, and himself. And this personality was originally entertaining, as it never got too out of hand. In the first two seasons, the challenges were always somewhat life-threatening, but never too life-threatening. And it was mostly this way in the third season, too. With the original cast, you never had any reason to fear for their lives.

    And yes, I know they're cartoons. But still.

    However, this season, Chris seems to have gotten worse, with…

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  • Neko-naito

    I'll pretty much do this when I'm bored, or whenever. It won't be every week, but I hope it'll be more often. xD

    So here's the answers from... months ago.... The question was, Which Total Drama character would you like to be related to? (This was before TD:RI, of course.)

    Number One Answer: Bridgette

    With 13 votes, most of you would like to have Bridgette in your family due to her down-to-earth, caring personality, and I have to agree. She's one of the nicest characters on the show and a lot of people think she would be a cool sister to have.

    Number Two Answer: DJ

    This was my pick, because like Bridgette, DJ is a very kind person. He wouldn't hurt a fly, and he's soooooo sweet. Plus, he can cook!

    Number Three Answer: Leshawna

    Leshawna's protective p…

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  • Neko-naito

    All right, since it's the Countdown finals, I decided to make this. Enjoy! If this offends you, sorry, cause it wasn't meant to. :3

    Neko and Addict: Who you gonna root for?

    Who's it gonna be?

    Is it CD, or TDA Fif-teen?

    Neko: There's CD, she's an edit beast.

    And she's smart, at least!

    Addict: Too bad, she already won!

    She'd have to edit a ton!

    Neko and Addict: Who you gonna root for?

    Who's it gonna be?

    Is it CD, or TDA Fif-teen?

    WM: Ricki-tick-ity, I'm gonna say it, okay?

    The only one winning this is T-D-A!

    Pimpin' like a winner, chattin' with users in the shade!

    Kickin' it TDWiki style, gonna take home the trophy!

    We're gonna be all smiles!


    Fedora: Hey, how come he gets to sing?

    Addict: He doesn't! WM!

    WM: Ricki-ticki-ticki-tickay, give it up for my man TDA!…

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  • Neko-naito

    This is all AJ's fault

    August 13, 2011 by Neko-naito

    Everything that has happened on the wiki is all AJ's fault. He's a jerk face, and he lies, and he sat on my birthday cake last year and RUINED IT.

    And why?



    So, yeah.

    Please turn against him and support me.

    Love, Neko.

    Disclaimer: -speaks in a super rapid voice- Theviewsofthisblogarenottruethisisjustajokeiactuallylikeajsideeffectsmayincludemalepatternbaldingstinkyfeetsheerdumbnessandzits.

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