OK, I decided to make a blog on why I think you should vote for me to compete in this. First of all, on another website where I competed in TD Camps, I'm known as the ultimate villain, and could bring the name of Total Drama to this game, by making things interesting. Even though I haven't been as active as normal lately, due to TDWT ending, and since it's soccer season and all, I would DEFINATELY become more active if I made the game. I'm kinda like a Fedora: Doesn't mainspace much until they enter the competition. Well at least he edited more when he joined. But yeah, I could definately make this season interesting, and even if I have lots of real life activities, I'm pretty sure I'd still be able to do well in the competition, I already have a gameplan. I've been psyched for this since Season 2 started, and I'M PSYCHED TO WIN THIS THING! Last time I checked, I was tied for 2nd highest with 12, which could get me in, but I'll probably need more to make it, so please, cast your vote for NN666! ^_^

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