OK People, I am SICK of everyone talking like, this season sucks, and all that junk. We need to look at the upside of things. Sure, our favorite characters haven't done as good as we would've wanted but to me, that's ok. They have recieved a fair amount of screentime, and I'm REALLY REALLY SICK of all these people complaining about every last thing about this season. Like Lindsay says, "Enough downy talk you guys!" And anyways, if the Season 5 rumors are prooven false, THIS IS ALL WE'LL HAVE. This may be the last season. The last time we ever see the 22 originals (and Sierra and Alejandro) EVER. Now you don't want that do you? So enjoy these last 13 episodes that we have, and PLEASE stop complaining it's annoying beyond belief, look at the brightside of things, their always is one! Tyler and Noah both made it further this time than last, along with Cody as well. I know Ezekiel was eliminated in Episode 2 again, but that's his thing, plus my prediction based off of his cameos is that he's gonna jump out in the final episode and do something... insane. So just saying, I think we should try to enjoy this season, even if screenhogging Owen is still around, or Duncan and Courtney's junk (which I hate, but it's an opinion) enjoy it, just TRY TO, AS THE TITLE SAYS, ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS!

"Owen Out."

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