Week 2 baby! Jam's a goner, as she was always the weakest editor in my opinion. As for Kenzen vs BB... that was a shock, I never thought Kenzen would actually be close to survival XD But this next week I don't know if I'll do AS well as last week, my goal is Top 5 editors. Unfortunately, I was just a few off from my goal last week, and didn't accomplish it. The no teams thing was another shock, I mean it shows I wrote out all those team possiblities for absolutely nothing :/ Anyways, starting predictions here we go.

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010

OK, let's get things started! Here we go!

12. Bbhinton15 - OK, let's face it, EVERY PLAYER LEFT IN THIS GAME HAS POTENTIAL. There are only TWO users who DIDN'T reach 100 last week. And since you were one of them, you rank 12th.

11. TDobsessed88 - Well I heard you told Addict it would be a hard week for you or something, so keeping you at 11, even though you got 100 last time.

10. TdiAlex - I think this guy has enough confidence that he may actually make it through this week. But we'll see.

9. SethAllred343 - Decent Editor, Others can do better.

8. Codyfan9000 - Another great editor, but I believe others can do better.

7. Phil123 - OK, I'm really iffy on ranking him as low as 7, but I'm not sure if he can give us the same high edit results he gave last week.

6. Bigez620 - I think Bigez is probabaly on of the best in the game editwise and strategy wise. Unfortunately, with no teams, this season might not need any strategy at all xD Non the less, great editor.

5. NegativeNoah666 - I think 5th is where I started myself last week, and once again, here I stand. We'll see if I can once again do better than I expect. By the way, for this week, the goal is a simple 250. Think I can hit it? Watch to find out :P

4. Aimers - Great Editor, will definately make a good amount of edits this week. Good luck my friend.

3. Musou - Heard you're on vaca, don't know what day you get back, and if it isn't until Saturday... that would REALLY suck... But yeah, since on vaca, you rank 3.

2. Codyfan12 - I REALLY have confidence that he's a potential player, he's going far into this game no matter, I expect at least Final 5.

1. Webkinz Mania - He's still a huge potential winner, and is definately safe this week. WM is going to the farpoint in this game.

There ya have it. Here's the goal thing for the week:

Goal: 250

Edits Needed: 250 (xD)

Time Left: 7 Days

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

OK, I'm doing predictions a little early today, because I might not have time to do em later, since I'm probably gonna hold my huge history project off til like 10 tonight, but that's my thing :P Anyways, just to let ya know WM, you said you were interested about my goal, probably since it's only 250, well I'm just keeping to goal low so that I can at least reach it, because last week was completely pathetic when I failed by 30.... so this time I'm just gonna make sure that I don't set TOO large of a goal. Anyways, on with the placings!

12. SethAllred343 - He's probably shocked I'm ranking him this low, but his edits are... codosedece cheap. So yeah... probably leaving, as much as I hate to say it.

11. Codyfan9000 - Personally, I think you'll be the other one to go this week, as I just feel that you haven't been at the top of your game. But try to prove me wrong, I love it when people do that :D

10. Bbhinton15 - Currently, I think he'll survive. The question is, will he? Only time will tell.

9. TdiAlex - Confident, but confidence killed my cat.

8. TDobsessed88 - Great editor, and will more than likely survive. Take that back. He WILL survive. Like last week, I'm setting a Bottom 4, and the 4 people listed above are the 4 who might go home.

7. Bigez620 - Great editor, going far, nuff said.

6. Phil123 - Doing well with edits, so he stays in the top 6.

5. Codyfan12 - Great editor, and he's going to do well as the week progresses.

4. NegativeNoah666 - I moved myself up one more only because I have off of school Thursday and Friday, giving me much more time to edit :D

3. Webkinz Mania - I don't know, by the looks of things, he's going to edit, but not to the point where he becomes one of the biggest threats in the game, like me and Musou have become after Week 1.

2. Aimers - He's determined to make a lot of edits, and will probably progress very far into the competition. Greatest underdog ever ;)

1. Musou - She's back from vaca, won't be suprised if she reaches 400 again XD

Goal: 250

Edits Needed: 178

Days: 6

Monday, October 25th, 2010

OK, I'm just coming on here real quick to do predictions, because I'm in the middle of that huge history project I left off to the last minute. The reason I didn't do it last night is because I got lucky and had a sick day from school, so I actually stayed home all day, which game me time to reach 2nd place in edit counts so far for the week. I'm probably gonna make a few more edits after I finish the project and this blog, but I'm taking a break from the project real quick to make it, just so the clock doesn't strike midnight and it isn't technically Tuesday when I make this section. So here's we go.

12. Bbhinton15 - OK dude, you've moved down, only because I've finally realized what the trouble for you and Alex is: you wait til like Friday to make your survival edits. It's much safer to just get where you need to be early on in the week, so that you have no need to edit like a maniac on Friday.

11. SethAllred343 - Your edits aren't really the best, and although you have 50, you really don't deserve to be in the game as much as some others. Sorry :(

10. Codyfan9000 - He's a wicked editor, but he hasn't been doing it much, with only 35 ATM, he's gonna need to improve, which I believe he can do enough to survive.

9. TdiAlex - He's confident, and I think he'll survive the week, even if he waits til Friday, due to his mad editing skillz.

8. TDobsessed88 - He can edit, just not as much as a few other competitors can.

7. Bigez620 - You're really close to TDO and Seth in edits ATM, with TDO @ 49 and you and Seth both @ 50, but I rank you higher than both of them because you're a master strategist in my opinion.

OK, right now, if you asked me, who the deserving Final 6 players are, this is the list of their names. Last week, these 6 were the top 6 editors, and this week they currently remain to be the Top 6. So here's who, ATM, I'd say deserves to make the Final 6 of the season.

6. Codyfan12 - He's a superb editor, and he'd probably be making as many edits as WM and Musou if he had more time to get on the wiki.

5. Phil123 - I remember in one of my early prediction blogs I had you ranked up high with Aimers, and you, me, and Aimers have proven to be the strongest underdogs. Well done buddy ;)

4. Webkinz Mania - As mentioned earlier, I think you're trying to make enough edits to survive, but not so many that you become an uber threat.

3. NegativeNoah666 - Yeah... keeping it cool at #3 for now. Although I have almost the entire day of Thursday and Friday to edit, since I'm off school, this is ranking me for where I think I currently am, and currently, I think only 2 people might beat me in edit counts this week. Those people are:

2. Aimers - He's always been my fav underdog of the season, and will likely, give or take, make the Final 4. He's currently the highest EC as well. However, there's 1 editor who I fear, although she hasn't shown as much as last week yet...

1. Musou - ...I fear you. Even though Myself, WM, and Aimers are currently ahead of you, I fear the greatness of The Musou.

Goal: 250

Edits Needed To Reach Goal: 129

Days: 5

Tuesday, October 26th, 2010

K, just got home from school, and decided to do this first thing today, instead of late at night. However, today I'm going to do something a bit different with predictions: instead of setting a goal for just me, I'm setting a goal for EVERYONE. However, each player will get a different goal based on their editing habits. I will place each user in one of 4 groups: Bottom Editors, Minor Editors, Major Editors, and Elite Editors. For each group I will set a goal. Also, just so I'm not just giving the lowest goal to the two people I think will go, the Bottom Group will consist of 4 people, just to keep things interesting. Now here's the groups:

Bottom Group:

Members: SethAllred343, Codyfan9000, Bbhinton15, TdiAlex

Reasoning: Seth and Little C both reached 100 last week, however currently, both appear to be slacking a bit this week, so stay in the bottom group. As for BB and Alex, you 2 didn't reach 100 last week, and therefore, currently have a reputation as the weaker competitiors.

Goal: 100 Edits - For now, the Bottom Group Goal is 100. Whether they reach it; only time will tell. And likely, whichever two don't reach it will be eliminated.

Minor Group:

Members: TDobsessed88, Bigez620

Reasoning: TDO and Bigez both reached 100 last week, but just barely. Currently, both range around the midst of the players in this week's edits, but I think both are a little better than the Bottom Group editwise.

Goal: 150 Edits - As you barely reached 100 last week, I think I want to put you guys up to more of a challenge, so 150 it is. Good luck :D

Major Group:

Members: Codyfan12, Phil123

Reasoning: Both were near the 200 edits mark last week, and both are at about 100 for this week ATM. Both have large potential in the game as editors, so I think this section fits them.

Goal: 200 Edits - You both hit around here last week, try to do it again

Elite Group:

Members: Aimers, Musou, NegativeNoah666, Webkinz Mania

Reasoning: These 4 players have shown the greatest potential through the competition so far, and can likely do well. They're all amazing editors, however, just because this IS only the first week I'm setting goals for everyone...

Goal: 300 Edits - I'm keeping it at 300. It PROBABLY should be higher, considering for these 4, 300 should be nothing.

Also, if you make enough edits, you may change to a different group in the next week. From now on, I'll be doing this instead of rankings, because being ranked 12th is a lot worse than being ranked in The Bottom 4, as the bottom 4 shows that at least they don't think you're the worst, they just think that you could improve. Also, I'm still gonna be doing the goal thing at the end of the blog, but since my goal for this week has now changed to 300, the caption at the bottom of the blog will have that as the goal instead of 300 now. Also, if you think the old way of doing this, with the simple number rankings is better, I'll think about doing a mix or something, like Goal setting and Application to Goals on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and flat out rankings every other day. But for now, let's just think about today. So good like reaching the goals I expect from you, hope you live up to how well I think you are, or even better, do better than I expect :D

Goal: 300

Edits Needed: 160

Days: 4

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 Update: New Format

OK, just got off of school, as it was a half day, and I'm off Thurs and Friday! So editing here I come! Anyways, for now, I have no predictions to post, as most people haven't gotten on yet today, since they're in school. However, I just need to update something: From now on, I'm going to be using this setup on how I do my predictions for weeks coming (asuming no unforseen mishaps) Also, since this is the basic layout for every week from now on, I'll start with what I'm going to do on Saturday, after the results are posted and etc.

Saturday: Elimination Thoughts, Set Goals (I'm gonna set goals for everyone, just to give them something to accomplish, it's always more fun when you have something to work for, otherwise you get too freestyle, and just edit when you feel like it, but in this game, editing just 'when you feel like it' will probably kill you.)

Sunday: Power Rankings 1 (For these, I'll rank the remaining contestants, (and teams, if any form), based off of their overall performance so far in the game. Basically, this is my first impressions on you for the week.)

Monday: Goal Application 1 (On Mondays, I'll see how good everyone's doing with their goals, since most people edit the first 2 days, and slack off on the weekdays. So I'll see how well everyone's doing with their goals.)

Tuesday: Power Rankings 2 (I simply rank the remaining contestants and teams again, based off of midweek impressions.)

Wednesday: Goal Application 2 (I see how well each player is doing with their goals, as the week is coming to an end, so they'll need to pump it up if they want to reach it!)

Thursday: Final Power Rankings (Here I do the final power rankings of the week, as it's almost over. Usually by this day, there are about 1-4 people who look like they're the possible eliminees, so I point it out, to give them fair warning that they only have 1 day left, and currently lie at the chart's bottom)

Friday: Goal Completence, Group Changing, Additional Predictions (OK, on Friday's, I'll do 3 things. First, I'll look to see which players, if any, have completed the goals I set for them. Based off of this, I'll then change their groups, if necessary. Please note, further in the game, I may shorten it down to a fewer amount of groups than the 4 I have now, because later in game, the amount of players will decrease, therefore, so will the number of groups. The last thing I'll do is give out any additional predictions, such as, when I think the merge'll come, a written prediction for the placings for the rest of the season, team ideas, etc.

Saturday: Make New Blog, Start Cycle Over Again

BUT, now just to throw you off, since I didn't start this until midweek this week, for this week in particular, I'm going to do things differently. Since I just set goals yesterday, here's how THIS week'll work. All weeks following this will have the above format.

Today: Power Rankings (Plain And Simple Rankings)

Thursday: Goal Application (See How Well The Players Are Doing With Thier Goals)

Friday: Goal Completence, Group Changing, Additional Predictions (Same as an ordinary week would go.)

So Power Rankings later today, until then, toodles!

Wednesday, October 27th, 2010 Power Rankings

OK, 1stly, from now on, the days will say what is happening on the day, like it says the 27th Power Rankings, tomorrow will say the 28th Goal Application and yada yada... Anyways, I just hit 201 total, and need 99 more to reach the goal I set for myself. I actually plan to excede the goal, and am still SLIGHTLY considering going for the big 500 again, although it may be more difficult, as I'm not even half way there yet... but we'll see. Anyways, onto power rankings! And let me just say, before ranking anyone, this will likely be the closest week in countdown history. I'd say, aside from about 5 editors, everyone else is in a range of 50 edits apart, which, if someone tried hard enough, they could break on Saturday morning. So what I'm saying is, only about 5 players are at the point where they can chillax and enjoy the week as they please, because EVERY ONE of the other 7 COULD still be leaving if they don't watch their backs. However, here's my opinion on who I think the losers ought to be.

12. Codyfan9000 - Little C, I really don't want to put you here, but you've shown the 2nd lowest edits so far, and I believe the one below you currently has more potential. Plus, we never really talk as much as we used to, so I don't really know any of your plans and goals, like if you're gonna edit a storm on Friday, or what. So for now, you stay in 12th, and since TECHNICALLY, this is the last POWER RANKINGS, of the week, you stay here. However, in Goal Completence on Friday, you may move up a group if you prove your worth.

11. Bigez620 - Currently, you Bigez, are the 3rd lowest editor of the week. Like I said, all of the people I rank in #s 6-12 are at risk today, but currently, just because your current count is low, I think you may be in for the end my friend. But we'll see. The main reason you're here is because I for some reason have confidence that the current lowest editor will survive. You'll see them later.

10. TDobsessed88 - Currently, TDO is the 4th lowest editor, and seems partially worried this week, as he continuosly asks me if he thinks he'll be safe. I'm honestly not sure, but what I am sure of is that the guy should stop worrying! Seriously, chillax bro. You're fine. He's made 55 edits so far, if he makes another 55 I'm pretty sure he'll pass the week. However, if he wants the reach the goal I set on Tuesday, he'll have to excede double 55 ;)

9. SethAllred343 - He's confident. He's currently the 5th lowest editor, @ 70. The reason he is not higher is because I for SOME REASON have confidence that the current lowest editor is really gonna make it through this. I have no idea why I'm so psycadellious about him, but yeah. Off topic. Right now we're talking about Seth. OK, Seth you probably will survive the week, as you actually READ my blog, and know what the goal I set for you is, and will PROBABLY accomplish it. So yeah, he's more than likely hitting 100. Whether 100 is enough, only time will tell.

8. TdiAlex - OK, here's the current lowest I've been hyperventaling about. Only at 40 edits when I took the edit count, I FOR SOME WIERD REASON, think he's got the confidence to get him through the week. I HONESTLY, hope he survives, because... idk I love his personality :P But yeah, Alex you're one of my fan favs, I'd say your my 2nd fav underdog, only below Aimers, who technically isn't an underdog anymore... never mind, we'll get to Aimers later. Don't let me down Alex!

7. Phil123 - OK, currently the highest of the 7 I consider vulnerable, at 93, you haven't been active like, since Monday or something :/ Seriously, unless you're planning to edit Friday, you'e gonna stay at 93 all week, and 93 won't be enough on Saturday morning, which may send you packing. Hope you come on Friday to prove me wrong. I really do.

6. Bbhinton15 - You're my other fav underdog (don't you love it how the worst 2 from last week are my fav underdogs :P). Currently, 2nd place of the 7 vulnerabilities (if that's a word), he's got major potential. He CAN edit, he just doesn't take as much time to, as people who dedicate their lives to this game, such as myself, do. I think, if he just puts a little effort in it, he could double his current 75 edits to 150 by Friday night. But, as set on Tuesday, his goal is 100, and I'm 90% sure he's hitting it.

OK, now for those 5 that can pimp like a king and drink lemonade in the shade, as Harold would say. These 5 are already at a safe edit count for the week where they don't have to worry about elimination. All they have to worry about is being threats, or competiting to be the highest editor, as I always shall do ;)

5. Webkinz Mania - Lowest of the five, and seems to want to hide in the shadows for now. As stated many times previously, he is trying to remain the weakest of the five threats, so that the other threats are voted off before him, as he slides through and wins, becuase biggest threats go first. He's a sly dude. Strategy wise, he'll be higher, and since next week HOPEFULLY we'll have teams, strategy will FINALLY have some part in the gameplay :P

4. Aimers - Currently, Aimers ranks 3rd of the five in edit count, however, he personally has told me he only intends to reach 190 edits this week, and then hold off. He IS already safe, but is starting to play similarly to WM, and doesn't want to take in TOO much spotlight, leaving players ahead to be bigger threats. But Aimers is a great potential editor, and although it's near confirmed he isn't aiming for the goal of 300 I set upon him, he COULD make 300 edits if he tried, but is using strategy at the time, and sticking low. Good plan my friend, good plan.

3. NegativeNoah666 - Yeah, mega shocker. Musou ACTUALLY isn't the only one above me. You'd think I'd rank myself higher, considering I have no school tomorrow and Friday, giving me 16 more hours of editing then the others. But, here's the deal, editing is getting... kinda boring :/ I mean, it's fun for the competition, but after a good hundred or two, you kinda get bummed out. I plan to reach the 300 goal, and slightly excede it. I still REALLY want to lead the week in edits, but since I'm pretty guaranteed safety, as our these other 5, I'm gonna chillax, and edit when I feel like it.

2. Codyfan12 - Yeah... you guys probably didn't see THIS one coming. But Big C definately has more potential than I thought of him when I set the goals yesterday. He should PROBABLY be in the Elites Group, but will definately reach his goal of 200. Note To Self: Rethink goals next week, they're kind of... high.

1. Musou - The Mighty One. Praise Queen Musou of the Wiki. But on a more serious note, she's only 1 edit behind me when I made the blog, she was at 200, me at 201, so uhm yeah... when she comes on tomorrow, she'll probably make another hundred, give or take. All Hail Queen Musou!

So stay tuned for Goal Application tomorrow, and Goal Completence on Friday. Stay tuned to see who leaves, because 7 players are still vulnerable, as I see things.

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

OK, I apologize for forgetting to do this, but here's what happened: I stayed up all night last night, watching Big Brother on the internet. At about 5 AM I began writing the blog, but my mom stole my computer, which deleted my progress. So I've decided to skip Thursday for this week. Friday's update will be right before midnight for Goal Completence and Group Changing, although I don't think there's gonna be any additional stuff this week, but we'll see.

Friday, October 29th, 2010 Goal Completence +

OK time for the goal completence thing. Now, before doing this, let me just say, I know for fact I kinda made the goals a bit high this week, and next week, they'll be easier, probably by a lot. That being said, time for Goal Completence and Group Changing! I'm gonna go over each player in alphabetical order, and give my opinion on them, and what they've done, and what they can do. Then, at the end of it, I'll give the new groups. I have no additional things to talk about right now, since there's no teams or anything major yet, so it'll simply be goal application. The new, easier goals'll be set tomorrow. Now let me start talking about the players!


Goal: 300

Edits At My Last Check: 200

Explanation: Well Aimers, you told me personally that you were only aiming for 190 this week, and you hit your personal goal. I think 200 is probably the goal I SHOULD'VE set on the elite group anyways, so in my book, you're doing wonderfully, and will probably remain an Elite Group member.


Goal: 100

Edits At My Last Check: 130

Explanation: You went above and beyond what I expected BB. You are by no chance going home this week, and may move up a group, maybe even two, by the end of the blog. I believe you have strong potential to pass far into this game.


Goal: 150

Edits At My Last Check: 50

Explanation: You just came on a bit ago, and began editing. Although, you may be down a group, because you waited until Friday to edit, which I find kinda... unsecure and safe. The goal of 150, you MIGHT reach if you edit enough now, but I doubt it. You'll likely be down a group next week, but I DO believe you'll survive until next week.


Goal: 200

Edits At My Last Check: 167

Explanation: OK, TECHNICALLY, I probably should've made the Major Group's goal 150, and even though you didn't reach the INTENSE goal I set, you've still edited well, and may move up a group because of it. I think you're going to do well in the game my man, you're one of the 7 strong editors in this game, the other being the rest of the Major and Elite Groups, and BB.

Little C:

Goal: 100

Edits At My Last Check: 58

Explanation: Little C, I expected more out of you. After last week, I thought you'd survive this week, no doubt. But doubt has begun to creep into my mind, because 58 edits probably won't save you this week. I doubt you look at the blog, so probably don't know that I wanted you to hit 100, but in common sense, you should know, with the editors in this season, you need at least 100 to be secure. If you go home, I won't be suprised, although you are only the 1st of 3 players I worry greatly for.


Goal: 300

Edits At My Last Check: 213

Explanation: Like I said, I overdid ALL the goals, so Musou really did all she needed to do. She's probably playing the same game everyone seems to be right now, and is editing a lot, but not so much that she becomes to biggest threat. I don't know why no one wants to be the biggest threat, and take the risk of having a target on your back, but whatevs. Musou is queen, and is still on her throne, even if she didn't reach the over achieveing goal I set :P


Goal: 300

Edits At My Last Check: 226

Explanation: To win this game, you need 2 things. The ability to edit, and the simple ability to GET TO THE END. And the only way to get to the end is to do the right thing at the right time. I am becoming the biggest target ATM, and it could largely backfire on me. Whether it does, we'll see. But about goals, yeah, I was highest editor when I took this, and intend to reach 300 by the night's end, even if the goal seems a bit high for the others.


Goal: 200

Edits At My Last Check: 112

Explanation: Definately a step down from last week, but really, EVERY SINGLE PLAYER IS A STEP DOWN FROM LAST WEEK EXCEPT FOR FREAKIN BB, AND MAYBE CFAN12. So I don't blame him for being lower than before. He' probably still worthy to be in the Major Group, and will more than likely stay there.


Goal: 100

Edits At My Last Check: 104

Explanation: The dude actually reads the blogs, and tries to reach whatever goal I set upon him, which I find amazing. If I would've told him to hit 300, he probably would've did all he could've to do it. He's definately got determination, so he may be up a group or two.


Goal: 100

Edits At My Last Check: 44

Explanation: Well I honest to god HOPE, that you come on late tonight like you did last week, and save yourself. But unless you do that, you're a goner dude. Waiting til Friday night is never smart, it can only hurt you. Hope you the best of editing luck.


Goal: 150

Edits At My Last Check: 71

Explanation: You're the 3rd player I am worried about maybe leaving the game this week, because in the situation where Little C or Alex edits enough to save themselves, you my wonderful friend are gonna be toasted. And I REALLY don't want this to happen, but I'm afraid it very well might. Hope you wake up still in the game tomorrow morning dude.

Webkinz Mania:

Goal: 300

Edits At My Last Check: 212

Explanation: To be honest, I feel you're my biggest threat for this week's highest editor. I wanna take the position again, but you may very well top me. I don't think you're aiming for 300 though, as all you said you want to do is hit 9300 total mainspace edits, which you've almost done. So you're probably not going to go for the big 300 I am, but will still survive the week, and remain in a far up group.

OK, this time, there is only going to be 3 groups: Bottom, Minor, and Major. Elite's goal was kinda high, so I'm simply trashin the group completely, plus with less players, I need less groups. Here they are:

Bottom Group:





Explanation: Well, firstly, it's near guaranteed 2 of you are leaving this week, and I'll probably be forced to change things a bit tomorrow, considering I can't flat out say the two who I think'd be next. However, if teams are formed and only 1 player leaves next week, then this group will stay solid. I may change it up a bit tomorrow if necessary, based on who leaves though. Anyways, they're here because the other 8 are all powerhouses, or have at least shown to have at least a bit of potential, but the potential of you 4 I believe is lacking lately.

Minor Group:




Explanation: These 3 players are easily going to go far in game, but may be beaten down if they don't edit as well as the majors. However, I still think they can become majors if they keep the editing higher and higher.

Major Group:





Webkinz Mania

Explanation: The 5 of these are aguably, the current deserving final 5. All have proven they can dominate the edits on this wikia, and will probably all make it to at least, Week 4, give or take. However, in the slight chance teams or maybe even a challenge screw things up this week, one could only have 1 more week left on the show. No one knows what destiny can do.

As mentioned, the groups MAY change on Saturday based off of who's evicted, or if I feel that I accidently ranked someone wrong. I'll set the new goals tomorrow, and that's pretty much it. Hope that you all have happy editing next week, and pray to God that we have teams tomorrow xD So... I guess check out the new blog tomorrow morning!

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