Week 1 is finally here! So what I'm gonna do is write an update every day (unless I skip a day) and have a section for each day of the week I make updates! So let's begin with today :D

Saturday, October 16th, 2010

OK, let's begin! One of my team predictions of the last blog was correct! He's eliminating 2 peepz in week 1! So it looks like he's making either 3 teams of 4, or 4 teams of 3. Oh well, I've seen today's editing, so I'm going to rank the people, based on their edit counts so far, and most of em are already murdering the wiki with edits XD

14. Kenzen11 - He's leaving this week. There is no way he'll survive. He has NO chance at all. No offense, but you are BY FAR a weaker editor than every other player in this game.

13. Bbhinton15 - I really don't want him gone, but he seems pretty underconfident with his editing, but if he does survive this first week, he's going far, you can count on that.

12. Jam7 - Still keeping her low... never thought she'd go far, wouldn't be shocked if she's first to go.

11. TdiAlex - Weak editor, might make it to next week, might not. We'll see.

10. Codyfan12 - The only reason he's currently low is because he has not edited at all YET, and this is the rankings so far for the week, but he's definately gonna make enough to survive.

9. TDobsessed88 - TDO has goals and can accomplish them, I hope that he makes it through, but we'll see what happens.

8. SethAllred343 - I find him a strong, solid, underdog and competitior, and believe he's going far.

7. Bigez620 - Pretty decent amount of edits so far, and I believe he'll make much more. Not much more to say.

6. Codyfan9000 - You were kind of undoing so fine edits :/ But yeah... you made lots of edits, although some of them were... cheap :P

5. Phil123 - Although you have 100 edits already, I heard from others you were fluffing... so yeah.

4. NegativeNoah666 - By Friday I'll be at #1, but at the moment I made today's prediction, I currently only have 50 edits. But we'll see how things go.

3. Musou - Great edit count. She's livin up to the Musou name :P

2. Webkinz Mania - Well he's got a great amount of edits, but I heard from others he was fluffing :/ Which is kinda hard to believe considering he's an admin, but whatevs, rumors make me rank you lower, even if they aren't true XP

1. Aimers - Fav underdog, and although currently only the 5th highest editor with 60 edits, he's gonna do well in the competition. That being said, COME TO COUNTDOWN KICKOFF TOMORROW! SEE MY OTHER BLOG FOR DETAILS!

Sunday, October 17th, 2010 Part 1

OK, I might do TWO lists today, since it's only noon right now, I might do another one later tonight. But first ones of the day:

14. Kenzen11 - Kevrique. Nuff said :D

13. Codyfan12 - If WM ranked you here, I'm asuming ur on vaca or something and are gonna get screwed over.

12. Jam7 - Honestly, I'm never going to put her high, she's always been over-estimated by so many other predictions, and now she's finally showing that I've been right all along, and she's nothing more than TDAwesome. She still has a week, but still... never thought she'd do good, never will... unless she proves me wrong :P

11. Bbhinton15 - Probably likely to leave of CFan12 isn't on Vaca, but we'll see.

10. TdiAlex - Good editor, will make it through the week, but could be eliminated later if he's the lowest editor on a team, and they don't want weak editors.

9. SethAllred343 - He's good, but I believe others are better.

8. Bigez620 - I would've expected more than 39 edits by now from him, but maybe he's just not on today :P

7. Codyfan9000 - Hasn't improved at all yet, moves down, plus I'm starting to favor other underdogs over him :P

6. TDobsessed88 - Making pretty many edits, will do well.

5. Musou - She's a good editor, but in this season, like #s 1-10 are ALL good editors xD

4. Aimers - He's a solid editor as well, will definately have at least 2 to 3 hundred by the end of the week I bet.

3. Webkinz Mania - He's one of the best there is.

2. Phil123 - It's me V.S. him for top editor of the week, we're having a friendly competish. But of course...

1. NegativeNoah666 - ...I'm gonna win :D

Sunday, October 17th, 2010 Part 2

OK, it's been a long day of editing, and lots of changes have occured. So feast your eyes on my new predictions! Also, once teams are formed next week I'll be writing out my first season elimination prediction, so stay tuned for that next week!

14. Kenzen11 - OK, this guy came onto my chat today, and told me he couldn't FIND THE SITE. SERIOUSLY? Seriously, why sign up for something, IF YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW THE SITE YOU SIGNED UP FOR IT ON? Get a Clue DUDE!

13. Bbhinton15 - He's got 2 edits so far, I'd like to see him improve, since I personally want Jam gone instead (no offense meant to Jam, it's strategic reasons), but yeah, I hope he makes it through.

12. Jam7 - Well you're the next weakest editor at 13, which could very well be over passed by BB if he tried, so you're not safe yet.

11. TdiAlex - He's the 4th possible eliminee this week. He's got 27 so far, probably won't leave.

Of these 4 players, I am 100% sure that 2 of them are goners. That being said, let's rank the power players!

10. Codyfan9000 - OK, he's a good editor and all, but I actually support and think that others may do greater, so 10th is where you stand.

9. Bigez620 - He's another pretty decent editor, he's definately gonna do well this week, but we'll see how things go :P

8. SethAllred343 - Another good editor... I just realized I'm basically saying the same thing for everyone xD

7. TDobsessed88 - He's already at 105 for the week, but someone who only has 59 I believe will do better.

6. Codyfan12 - Now that he's finally in action, he's made 59 edits! He'll definately be making more, and although some might say this is overating him, I guess we'll wait and see.

The Top 5 are all already over 100 edits:

5. Aimers - Great underdog, currently at 128 edits, and will surely raise that through the course of the week, as mentioned earlier I expect him to reach the 250 mark this week.

4. Musou - She's always been up high, and I personally want to rank her higher, but right now we have 3 users who are just MURDERING this season.

Those 3 EPIC players are:

3. Phil123 - Yeah, me and him are seeing who can make more edits this week, and I'm winning! Plus someone else is making many edits as well. But as for Phil alone, he's at 180 edits, and will surely improve that number ;)

2. Webkinz Mania - I think this is my real biggest editor threat. He basically OWNS the wiki he has so many edits, and at 197 currently, he's right on my tail, of course right after I make this blog I'll be editing up a storm, but he's gonna by pass me soon.

1. NegativeNoah666 - OK, it might be a bold, cocky, selfish move to rank myself first but... I'm a bold, cocky, selfish person :D 208 edits from me and many more to come ;)

I personally think this game is much easier than past players made it look, but I guess it's just cause I have no life and have time to edit almost 24/7 :/ Oh well my goal is to beat the highest weekly score of edits in Countdown history: 500 edits in a week. So in each blog I write this week, I'll put how many edits I need to accomplish the goal at the end. So here it is:

Edits Til 501: 293

Days To Acomplish: 5

Monday, October 18th, 2010

OK, today I barely have time to do these, and I probably won't do em tomorrow, as I have like, 2 projects due, and I'm holding both of em off til tomorrow night, plus I have my final soccer game of the season. So if at all tomorrow, it'll be scarce. I just made my 250th edit though, so I thought it'd be a good time to do today's predictions. Only 251 more til I reach my goal! Anyways, here's everyone's current stats:

14. Kenzen11 - He's Kenrique!

13. Bbhinton15 - OK, although I REALLY want him to survive, he's not even trying :/

12. Jam7 - She's improving a little, won't win though with 50 edits a week :/

11. TdiAlex - He's determined, but as mentioned in the above blog, he's one of the 4 weakest editors/possible eliminees this week.

10. Codyfan9000 - Little C's editing has been a little moer scare too, so he's still at 10, like above (will there be any changes at all xD)

9. Bigez620 - He's not doing as well as many expected, although I think he's still gonna be editing between now and Saturday quite a bit.

8. SethAllred343 - He's good, but others are better. (ARE YOU CHANGING ANYTHING FROM THE ABOVE PREDICTIONS?)

7. Codyfan12 - yeah... i changed 1 thing xD He's low, but he's busy in his real life, which I can understand. However, I expect a good 150 from him by the end of the week, at least.

6. Aimers - OK, he was kind of reverting some of my edits for no reason... but yeah, he's still a good editor when he's not just reverting perfectly good edits...

5. TDobsessed88 - One of the six to reach 100, epic.

4. Phil123 - I don't know if I should expect more or less from him, he made nothing today so far, but he could be doing real life stuff, so idk.

3. Musou - She'll probably be at 300 by the week's end, give or take.

2. Webkinz Mania - The only 1 over 200 besides me, at the last edit count I took, he had 201, but...

1. NegativeNoah666 - I HAD 250 :D

Edits To Reach Goal: 251

Days: 4 (not counting the rest of today, and early Saturday morning)

Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

OK, I did have time to come on today, and I've hit 300! How epicmatictical it that!? But it seems I've got competition, because somebody's livin up to their name. Anyways, I need 201 edits to reach my goal, do you guys think I can do it between now and Saturday morning? Only time will tell. Anyways, without further ado, let's get started! But first I must say, there are 2 players, 2 players that stand little to no chance of survival, those players are:

14. Kenzen11 - HE. HAS. MADE. NONE. Of course, every season has to have someone like this, as it is pure tradition, but really... it probably annoys people that he got in the game and they didn't, for other people that would've joined and done better than this... bafoon. (No Offense)

13. Bbhinotn15 - As much as I don't want to say it, he seems to be as good as done. He barely makes any edits, only at 4, and currently only 21 behind. He COULD very well improve, but it is doubtful, considering his inactivity over the weekend, and first 2 days of the week. Maybe he'll improve, only time will tell.

Now let's get to the average branch of editors.

12. Jam7 - Still think she was overated in everyone who ranked her like 4th's predictions. If anyone goes besides the 2 almost confirmed to, it'll be Jam.

11. TdiAlex - He's definately got confidence, and that will help him through. The question is, is confidence enough, or do you need more?

10. Codyfan9000 - I haven't seen Little C on as much lately, plus I've had him ranked at 10 a while anyways... so 10 he stays.

9. SethAllred343 - Another decent editor. Not much more to add.

8. Bigez620 - Although his count is lower than Little C and Seth's, but I just think he can do better in the overall comp.

OK, we are now in the epic editors branch, AKA people over 100

7. TDobsessed88 - He's the lowest in the 100s group currently, and since he's already reached his goal for the week, and is secured safety thanks to Kenzen and BB's sucking (no offense), he may not edit much more.

6. Aimers - He's a great editor, but someone who had 0 edits on Day 1, is above him, because they're improving a lot. That person is...

5. Codyfan12 - lol I thought he was on vacation because he didn't edit Day 1, but it was because he was busy. What's he busy doing now? Editing.

Now for the 4 users that have reached the impossible: 200 edits

4. Phil123 - A great deal behind the 2 strongest editors, and the other editor near him can be expected to do more.

3. Webkinz Mania - You can be expected to do more than Phil.

OK, I took an edit count just before this, and Musou had 287 edits, but considering he's probably editing and on right now, I'm going to assume he's reached 300, and say that these are the 2 users who are immortal gods (jk :P)

2. NegativeNoah666 - Yeah... I didn't rank myself #1 xD Shocker. Anyways, I still will do all I can to reach my goal, because being highest editor of the week is still what I want to do. However...

1. Musou - Musou is the toughest competition around. She's probably just as determined as I am, and it's gonna be an editing fest from now til Friday. Luckily, I have all day tomorrow to edit, so "The Musou" better watch out ;)

So there ya have it! Only 3 more days of predictions and then results! Can't wait to see who's the first to leave, although it's already pretty obvious :P

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

Well, I'm now at the grand 400! 410 to be exact, but now the week is nearing it's end, only an hour until it's officially Thursday (where i live anyways), and that means that two certain people better get their game on if the want to survive. However, I am glad to announce that for the first season ever, every player has made at least 1 edit xD But anywho, let's get on with the show!

14. Kenzen11 - Yeah... 7 edits isn't gonna cut it dude. You better show us some more through the last 2 days, or your a goner.

13. Jam7 - Currently at 26 edits, I really think, (and hope), that BB can outedit you, for strategic reasons.

12. Bbhinton15 - Well, I see you online a lot, you just have to spend more of the time you're on editing, and you'll by pass Jam in no time ;)

11. TdiAlex - You'd be higher, but with only about 40 edits, and considering everyone else is over 75... can't really rank you higher :P

10. Codyfan9000 - Haven't seen him on at all... I think he only comes on in the morning and on weekends, and that's about it, because I've seen no activity from him for a while, he's only moved up 1-15 edits every now and then.

9. SethAllred343 - Decent Editor. Nuff Said. (Is It Me, Or Do I Say This Every Time I Rank You Seth :/)

8. Bigez620 - Only 4 from 100, and will definately reach 100. Bigez is an epic player and editor, he's a goin far.

7. TDobsessed88 - Well you've told me yourself you don't have much time to edit for the rest of the week cuz it's busy, plus the other 6 editors have slightly moer potential.

6. Aimers - He's been a fav underdog of mine, but for some reason, I want to rank this awesome player who's like 40 edits behind him ahead...

5. Codyfan12 - lol I love your work Codyfan. Great editor, for some reason I really have faith that you're a Final 5 kind of player (in the longrun, not just this week's edit counts).

4. Phil123 - He's editing a little less than earlier in the week, I've basically murdered him in the little contest we set up at the week's start :P

3. Webkinz Mania - Still a good 100 behind the top 2, he's a solid editor, and is probably trying to stay lower just so he doesn't look too strong right off the bat.

2. NegativeNoah666 - OK, I still rank 2nd, although at the time I made this blog, my EC was highest. Why? Musou will probably be on soon, and will bypass me any second. Which pretty much explains all of #1.

1. Musou - See Above

Also another thing just to point out. Some people may think that me trying to make the most edits in week 1 may be a dumb move, as it easily targets me as the biggest threat in game. And in a way, you are correct. However, threats don't always go down, as proven by Mygeto and CD-TDA, probably both extremely big threats from Week 1, yet both advanced to the finale and won. So even someone who comes off as a huge threat right off the bat, and has a target on em all season, can win. Plus, I REALLY wanna beat the top edits in a week record :P Anyways, that's about all for now, here's the charts! (Yeah I know I fergot em on Tuesday)

Edits Needed For Goal: 91

Days To Accomplish: 2 (lol this'll be easy ;)

Thursday, October 21st, 2010

OK guys, I am only posting this to say, I have had a long day, so I will not be taking time to do predictions tonight. I am simply gonna make a few more edits, and the final week's predictions tomorrow. By the way, in case your wondering, it was a good long day, i'm just tired, nothing bad happened :P So yeah... just lettin ya know I'm not predicting today because I'm too tired to think up explanations. Stay psyched for the final day's rankings/basically results tomorrow night, and tune into Countdown on Saturday.

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

The last day of this unbearable editing week... and you're probably all wondering: have I reached my goal? The answer is not yet, I have a mere 40 edits to go, and about 7 hours left to reach it, so it'll be a piece of pie. However, it's pretty hunanomous now who's leaving the comp, so let me just state them as is: Kenzen11 and Jam7 are gone. Unless Jam wakes up early and makes about 20 - 30 edits, she's toast. Kenny won't wake up early just for the game, I'm sure of that. But it's pretty much 99% confirmed of who's eliminated. And really, I have no need to rank the players 1 by 1 right now, as you'll all see their edit counts tomorrow. So no rankings for now. Next week is when the rankings get more interesting, as teams and alliances will mess things up. That actually what I am going to predict tonight: The teams. I know, it may sound impossible to you guys, not having any idea how many teams, or how the teams are picked, but here's my prediction: It'll go somewhat like this:

Team 1 Member 1: 1st Highest EC (Edit Count For Week)

Team 2 Member 1: 2nd Highest EC

Team 3 Member 1: 3rd Highest EC

Team 3 Member 2: 4th Highest EC

Team 2 Member 2: 5th Highest EC

Team 1 Member 2: 6th Highest EC

Then repeat the pattern for the next 6. But the point is, this way teams are distributed the most even way as possible. This is all asuming their are 3 teams, which still isn't confirmed, although very likely. But here's my predictions, assuming 3 teams occur:

Team 1:





Team 2:



Little C (Codyfan9000)


Team 3:

Webkinz Mania




Hm.... the teams are pretty interesting, this is basing it completely off of those patterns, and current edit counts.

Anyways, now to the possiblity their is two teams. I think the pattern is basically the same, but this way:

Team 1 Player 1: 1st Editor

Team 2 Player 1: 2nd Editor

Team 2 Player 2: 3rd Editor

Team 1 Player 2: 4th Editor


So based on current EC's here's how THAT would go:

Team 1:




Little C (Codyfan9000)



Team 2:


Webkinz Mania





Another interesting arrangement... However, I still see two more team possible combos. Their is the possiblity of 4 teams of 3. Here's how that drafting would go:

T1 P1: 1st EC

T2 P1: 2nd EC

T3 P1: 3rd EC

T4 P1: 4th EC

T4 P2: 5th EC

T3 P2: 6th EC

T2 P2: 7th EC

T1 P2: 8th EC

T1 P3: 9th EC

T2 P3: 10th EC

T3 P3: 11th EC

T4 P3: 12th EC

And assuming off of this, teams would be:

Team 1:


Little C


Team 2:




Team 3:

Webkinz Mania



Team 4:




And yet there is one more possible team arrangement: Teams of 2. They would simply go as follows:

Team 1: 1st + 12th EC

Team 2: 2nd + 11th EC

Team 3: 3rd + 10th EC

Team 4: 4th + 9th EC

Team 5: 5th + 8th EC

Team 6: 6th + 7th EC

Teams would be:

Team 1:



Team 2:



Team 3:

Webkinz Mania


Team 4:



Team 5:


Little C

Team 6:



Well here's my order of preference of how many teams I want their to be:

4. 2 Teams of 6

3. 6 Teams of 2

2. 4 Teams of 3

1. 3 Teams of 4

So I'm hoping for Teams of 3, whether I'm right about whose on what team or not, I still want three teams, because it'll be different than the past seasons, and could majorly influence the game. That's all for tonight. I've got 40 more edits to make ;)

Goal: 501+

Edits Needed: 40

Time: At Posting Time Of Blog... 6 Hours + 38 Minutes (Hope I make it!)

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