Well whether i get in or not, I'm doing predictions again this time, however, last season I kinda slacked off on predictions midway through, but this time, they'll be updated each week, and each one will have it's own blog post, unlike last season, where they were all in one. This will have my predictions and thoughts on anything that happens before the competition. So without further ado, let's begin =D

Update 1: PreSeason Predictions For 10 Confirmed Contestants

OK, to start things off, I am going to research the 10 confirmed contestants, and check out their activity on the wiki, to see who I think will do the best of the ten players (which I may or may not be playing against). So without further ado, I need to research the players, and then I'll post up those predictions :D

10. Phil123 - Haven't seen this dude on the wiki much, and I think he could be the first to go, asuming the 4 others who join (hopefully being me) aren't worse. Sorry.

9. TdiAlex - Like TDAddict says, I want to put you higher, but you have the lowest total mainspace of the players. However, I have a few plans if I get in that could change things up... wait never mind, moving on!

8. Bbhinton15 - I just have confidence everyone else can do better, plus he's just becoming alive on the wiki again. But we'll see I guess :P

7. Misstditylerfan - Just haven't seen you much, and have confidence the other 6 will do better. But try to prove me wrong, I love it when people do that xD

6. Bigez620 - Like the above basically, I don't think he has it in him :P Sorry.

5. Kenzen11 - OK, I have NO IDEA WHY, but for some reason I want this guy to do good :P But for whatever reason, I'm hoping he goes far, maybe if I get in the game, I can help him go far... even though I honestly have no idea why I want him to do good in the first place :/

4. Jam7 - Well if she does become president, she'll have many other duties on the wiki, plus she doesn't mainspace THAT often, although I think she'll do better than most of the above.

3. Aimers - Another one like Kenzen, except I really think this guy has potential. I think he could be like TDAddict last season though, where I root for him, but he gets easily booted because not making enough edits... but we'll see.

2. Codyfan12 - Well, he's gonna do great, him and #1 are great editors, so one of them is more than likely winning, unless I can outrank them, assuming I play :P


So there is the rankings.

Update 2: The Vote: 11 Determined Souls, 4 Lucky Winners

OK, as you probably already know, after the first 10 players signed up, Nalyd decided to run a contest to see which of the remaining 11 players that signed up later, would get in. So for this, I'm really just going to say who I personally would want to be the 4 to play, and who I think the 4 will actually be.

OK to start, the people I want in, with reasoning:

1. MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! No reason necessary :P

2. Musou - If she makes it, I wouldn't be suprised if she made the finals. And I love playing against people that are worthy to play.

3. TDO - Tdobsessed and I are buds, and I'm really interested to see how he performs in the game, I think he could really do well if he sets his mind to it, heck, anyone can do well if they set their mind to it ;P

4. CF4EVER - OK, he only has 2 votes, but I kinda want him to make it in, although it seems impossible, because he just seems like he'd be interesting to watch in game, and I think that he and Musou would be an interesting duo, they could either be rivals or alliance buds as I see it.

Now the people I believe will make it, based on vote:

1. Musou - Over 20 already, guaranteed a spot.

2. TDO - ...He'll make it. You'll see :P

3. NN666 - I think I can do enough work to make myself earn some more votes, I really wanna play this season, and I think I'd make things alot more interesting them some others who are close to me in votes.

4. Anyone - I think anyone could fill this last spot, however, in my opinion, the 3 above will probably all make it in. I'm hoping CF4EVER pulls a huge shocker and makes it with me, TDO, and Musou, but we'll have to see... that's assuming me TDO, and Musou make it.

So all in all, I think me, TDO, Musou, and an extra will make it, and that's basically the same thing I hope, except I want the extra to be CF4EVER. Other than that, this should be an interesting season, whether I compete or not. More power rankings when the 4 players are announced, and/or teams are announced. I'm interested to see if we have lots of teams, or just 2, or maybe none! I guess we'll see. NN666 OUT.

Update 3: 13 Confirmed: Only 1 To Go

Great News! I made the game! Although Nalyd's leaving everything except the game :( Yeah It's sad to see good old Renny go. Anyways, I'm here to re-rank the players, adding the extras in, and changing my order up a bit, since I've noticed some people editing. Btw, If you didn't know, the 3 people who made the game are Tdo, me, and Musou, so they'll be added in.

13. TdiAlex - I wish I could have more confidence that you'd do well, but I just feel you're the weakest of the 13. I'm sorry :(

12. Bbhinton15 - Haven't seen him active on the wiki much, don't think he'll last very long in game.

11. Kenzen11 - Yeah, I've kinda lost the confidence I randomly had in your for some reason, and haven't seen you editing too much.

10. Misstditylerfan - It's not so much that I think you won't go far, it's just that I think the other 9 have more potential

9. Phil123 - I've seen you editing more than before, so you're not in last anymore. I think you have as much potential as a lot of others.

8. TDobsessed88 - Even though you're a great friend of mine, I feel that a lot of players have high potential this season, and can outedit you.

7. Bigez620 - I actually have a little more confidence that you'll do well than before, I think you'll probably reach merge... maybe :P

6. Jam7 - Like in the original ones, she has potential, but has lots of responsibilities as co-president, so won't have as much time for normal editing and things.

5. NegativeNoah666 - ...For now my goal is the final 5. But I'm pretty sure I'll be able to pull a Fedora, where people think I might go early, but make the final 2. But I guess we'll see.

4. Codyfan12 - Haven't seen him as much as before, but still wish him luck.

3. Aimers - Definately still someone I think has high potential, and me ranking you higher than me just shows you how much potential I think you have. I really think you can do this, so prove me right :D

Dang these last 2 are tough but....

2. Webkinz Mania - Yeah, you guys are probably like: WHAT??? Well I think that WM is definately going far in this game, but there's 1 person I think will go even further. And that person is:

1. Musou - MUSOU! She's got so many supporters, and she's definately not going to let those supporters down! Musou's one of the best editors I've ever seen, and I hope she pulls through.

Now, there's this editing contest for the other 8.... I really don't know who makes it, but for now, I'm still rooting for Chrissy. So yeah... end of update :P

Update 4: Just a Few Notices And Changes

OK, after seeing a few people editing a lot, my confidence is building and falling for specific users. So I'm just going to re-rank the 13 known players in how well I think they'll do in this game.

13. Bbhinton15 - Have seen no activity at all...

12. Misstditylerfan - Rumor has it she quit? Since I don't know if the rumor's true, I'm leaving her above last place, just in case she's staying around.

11. Kenzen11 - Yeah... even though I randomly ranked you high the first time (still have no idea why i did that), I haven't seen you editing much. Although you could be waiting for the comp to edit, as I sort of am :P

10. TdiAlex - My confidence in you is building... show me that you can do it, you're one of my favorite underdogs this season :D

9. Bigez620 - Haven't seen you much, it's pretty much just that I think others will do better.

8. TDobsessed88 - Still wish I could rank you higher, but I haven't seen you editing much. However, just like Kenzen, you could just be waiting for the comp to start to begin mega editing.

7. Jam7 - Pretty much because I have confidence the other's will do better... that's pretty much it :P

6. Codyfan12 - He may edit a lot, and I just might not be online when he's editing, since I've been a little inactive lately, but I still have confidence he'll go far. Just because I'm not on when he's editing, doesn't mean he's not editing :P

5. NegativeNoah666 - No change in position. Carry on :P

4. Phil123 - OK, even though you were last on my first list, you look to be one of the strongest underdogs this game has ever seen, and I'd be STOKED to see you go far. Even before the season starts, someone moves from Last to 4th in my predictions XD Anything can happen :D

3. Aimers - Still think he has TONS of confidence, and will use the confidence to his advantage, which will ultimately get him far.

2. Webkinz Mania - Highest Edit Count Of Anyone On The Wiki. He'll go far, but as mentioned in the last update of predictions...

1. Musou - I think Musou'll do better :P

So that's pretty much all. Also, I'm kind of wondering what kind of team arrangements we'll have this season. Here's a few ideas:

1. 2 Teams of 7

2. 7 Teams of 2

3. OK, this is probably the most complicated idea, but maybe in Week 1, It'll be a double elimination, where the 2 lowest editors AUTOMATICALLY LEAVE. Then the 3 highest editors become Team captains, and pick 3 teams of 4. Like it?

This is definately gonna be the best season this game has ever seen. Better than 1 even! Can't wait to see how things fly :D

Update 5: More Predictions

OK, so assuming Season 2 starts tomorrow, and there's not a week for a break, this is probably the last update of this blog. I'm not going to explain all of these, since some are pretty much in the same spots, just a few minor changes to make, before the 14th reveal, possible team reveal, and possible begin of week one that is tomorrow. So without further ado... HIT IT!

13. Misstidtylerfan - Went lower because I've seen BB more.

12. Kenzen11 - Went lower because I've seen BB more.

11. Bbhinton15 - Have seen more, so moved up a bit.

10. TdiAlex - Above Update

9. Bigez620 - Above Update

8. Jam7 - Moved Down Because I have faith TDO is gonna do better than expected.

7. Phil123 - Moved Down because I haven't seen him as much.

6. NegativeNoah666 (HE'S LOWER :o): Moved down because I'm kind of losing confidence in myself since I have a lot to do in the real world :P

5. TDobsessed88 - Moved up because my confidence in him is building.

4. Codyfan12 - Moved up because I've seen him being more active.

3. Aimers - Above Update

2. Webkinz Mania - Above Update

1. Musou - Above Update

So this may be the last update before game :D Until then, stay psyched for more updates here, or possibly a Week 1 Blog :D

Update 6: My Final Predictions

OK guys, the 14th and final person has been revealed. Unfortunately, teams haven't been, and the game doesn't start til next Saturday -_- Great now I have to be bored for another week :/ Oh well, I'm gonna spend the week looking at all the prediction blogs out there, and then see who the majority of the wiki think is best, by averaging all the predictions. So I'm gonna make my last predictions right now, and then Saturday morning, I'll make something called the wiki's predictions, with the average placing of each person placed. So feel free to post your own predictions in the comments. Anyways, here comes my final predictions. And congrats to Codyfan9000 for making the game.

14. Misstditylerfan - OK, still have no idea if you quit, as people supposedly said, but either way, I don't think you'll be a good editor anyways.

13. Kenzen11 - OK, I randomly ranked you high on my first predictions, but haven't seen you around much, so you stay in 13th for now.

12. Bbhinton15 - Haven't seen you editing much, but I think you MIGHT have a chance. Just MAYBE. But we'll have to see what happens, I hope you prove me wrong.

11. TdiAlex - As much as I hope you do better than I'm predicting, we'll have to see how things play out. My predictions will probably change A LOT once teams are revealed, assuming they even HAVE teams.

10. Jam7 - OK, THIS may shock you. But Jam has never really made many MAINSPACE edits before the game began, and I just don't see the potential in her that everyone else seems to see. But hopefully she'll prove me wrong, being proven wrong is one of the best things to me :D

9. Codyfan9000 - He made enough edits to get in the game, which shows that he CAN edit. The quesiton is Will He?

8. TDobsessed88 - As much as I want to rank you higher, I have come to realize that I believe the others have potential. But teams could change my rankings, so yeah....

7. NegativeNoah666 - OK, I'm not lower because I'm losing confidence in myself, it's more so that I don't want to rank myself too high right now, because I don't want to be expected to be AMAZING. Right now, I want to stay an underdog who comes up from behind, so for now, I'll keep quiet.

6. Phil123 - Saw you editing a lot, and think you have potential. Good luck :D

5. Bigez620 - You moved up a lot because I've heard from many that you are very confident, and I think that you'll definately go far in the game.

4. Codyfan12 - Great rollback, he'll go far. Not much more to say :P

3. Aimers - As stated in every above update, I believe that he's the greatest underdog of the cast. If I don't win, he'd be my first choice ATM, because I root for the underdogs, and the Top 2 listed here, DEFINATELY aren't underdogs.

2. Webkinz Mania - Highest Edit Count On The ENTIRE Wiki. Not much more to say.

1. Musou - I still think she has the best chance at this, and Musou's got more people supporting her than anyone. She can edit, she has supporters, she's finale bound.

So there you have it, now i'll be taking an average of every prediction I can find, and then writing them in section 7 below, and list what the wiki overall thought will be the best and worst players of the season. So without further ado, look below!

Update 7: WHAT THE?

OK, this is... interesting to note, but Misstditylerfan, originally the first person to join, has dropped out of the season (gasp!) How will this effect things? Only time will tell. Also, I haven't gotten predictions from enough people to do the wiki's predictions thing, so it isn't happening, plus now everyone'd have to change em due to the change. So this is the last update, I might do one more like Friday night, but for now, more than likely, the next new predictions will be in the Week 1 Blog.

Final Update: The Final Rankings (In 3 Categories)

OK, for these final rankings before the season goes underway, I am going to rank each person in 3 categories: Editing, Strategy, and Overall. I am not going to give any information on alliances I may be in or know of. I will also not be giving away any secrets or startegies that I, or other players have that I may know of. Also please note, just because I put someone high in the strategy or overall section doesn't necessarily mean I have any alliance with them, as I could just respect their gameplay and think they can go far. So without further ado, let's begin with Editing Rankings!

Note: Please note, anything in this blog is not supposed to be a personal insult to people low, it's just who I HONESTLY think will go furthest in this game. Just adding this, because some of my good friends are low in some of the rankings.

Editing Rankings

14. Kenzen11 - I just haven't seen him editing much, so 14th he remains. But we'll see, he may prove me wrong.

13. Jam7 - OK, this may be a HUGE shocker to viewers, but I just don't see the potential in her that everyone else does. But we'll see...

12. Bbhinton15 - He isn't MEGA active, so he may not go as far as the other 11.

11. TDobsesseed88 - OK, this is why I put that note above... sorry dude, but I'm REALLY unsure if you can reach your goal of 100 edits a week. But I guess I'll have to see.

10. Phil123 - Haven't seen ya editing as much, so you're down a bit.

9. TdiAlex - Seen ya editing more, you move up.

8. SethAllred343 - I think he's a potential editor, and since we has lucky enough to make the game, he'll probably try to prove that he deserves his spot.

7. Aimers - OK, I've seen you editing a bit less than before, I'm still confident you'll be a strong underdog, but for editing sakes, I'm gonna leave you here.

6. NegativeNoah666 - Not much to say here... not ranking myself too high... just about mid.

5. Bigez620 - I think he'll do well... well... that's pretty much it :P

4. Codyfan9000 - New fav underdog! Good luck Little C! His editing is excellent, he's my new fav underdog :P (But Aimers, you're one of my favs too ;)

3. Codyfan12 - Great Editor. Not much more to say.

2. Webkinz Mania - Although he has highest total count...

1. Musou - ...I suspect Musou shall do better editwise.

Strategy Rankings

For this section, I will not include desriptions, due to the fact that I don't want to give away anyone's strategies. Also, if you are ranked low, it may be because I haven't heard your strategy yet, and really just evaluated you asuming that you have no startegy.

14. Kenzen11

13. Phil123

12. Jam7

11. TdiAlex

10. SethAllred343

9. Codyfan12

8. Musou

7. Codyfan9000

6. Bigez620

5. Bbhinton15

4. Aimers

3. TDobsessed88

2. Webkinz Mania

1. NegativeNoah666 :P

Overall Rankings

OK, for this I will take an average of the 2 rankings, and rank their final rank based off of that:

Note: In Case Of A Tie In Average, I Break It Based Off My Personal Opinion

14. Kenzen11 - Weak Editor, Weak Strategist. Average Score: 14th

13. Jam7 - Although many other people rank her high, I beg to differ against all odds. Average Score: 12.5th

12. Phil123 - He's still a favorite underdog of mine, but a low strategy is bad. His editing may get him higher later on though. Average Score: 11.5th

11. TdiAlex - He's another fav underdog of me, and I still believe he can shock me with potential. His strategic play is currently unknown to me. Average Score: 10th

10. SethAllred343 - He's the replacement, and I feel he is going to show that he deserves his spot. Average Score: 9th

9. Bbhinton15 - I feel he is a good strategic player, but his editing could use some work. Average Score: 8.5th

8. TDobsessed88 - Although my confidence in your editing is weak, I feel you are a strong strategic player. Average Score: 7th

7. Codyfan12 - Great editor, would be higher, though I didn't know his strategy, leaving me to rank him lower in that category. Average Score: 6th

6. Codyfan9000 - Great potential editor and underdog, however not as much strategy as others. Average Score: 5.5th (3rd Place in Tiebreaker)

5. Bigez620 - Great potential editor, pretty decent strategist. Average Score: 5.5th (2nd Place in Tiebreaker)

4. Aimers - Strongest underdog overall (besides me), in my opinion, although I'm slightly worried about his editing. Average Score: 5.5th (1st Place in Tiebreaker)

3. Musou - Although I don't know her strategy, her editing skills make me rank her this high. Average Score: 4.5th

2. NegativeNoah666 - I rank myself high moreso because of my strategy than my editing, because I feel my strategy is the best this game will ever see. Average Score: 3.5th

1. Webkinz Mania - Great Strategy, Great Editor, Great Overall. Average Score: 2nd

So there you have it, my final rankings before the begin of the game. Less than 50 hours til gametime :D

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