OK guys, I decided, that since Countdown Season 3 is just around the corner, we should all have a get together party to mingle with the other contestants, and celebrate the fact that the epic showdown is in it's third season! So I have this part planned for Sunday where any Season 3 contestant, Nalyd, any past countdown contestant, and any fan of the show may come to enjoy. The party will be on my chatbox, listed below. This will give players from past seasons the chance to give current players advice, time for the S3 players to make alliances and plans for the upcoming season, and us time to thank Nalyd (asuming he comes) for making this awesome competish that we all know and love. And if you've never been in countdown, you can just come to enjoy the festivities, as we'll probably play a ton of fun party games! So hit the chat, and help us kickoff the third season of countdown to 10,000! Here's the invitation note:

Who: Season 1, 2, and 3 Players of Countdown, Nalyd Renrut, and Spectators (Pretty Much Anyone On The Wikia)

What: Countdown Season 3 Kickoff

When: Sunday, October 17th, 6-10 PM EST (You can show up at anytime, I myself might not be there the whole 5 hours, but everyone is welcome there the whole time)

Where: (Feel free to check to come check out the chat before the party, just to see what it looks like and all)

Why: To Celebrate 3 Seasons of Countdown, To Give Players Time To Align/Give Adivce, To Have Fun Mingling, and To Play Some Awesome Games!

I might even make a userbox that said you went to this xD Oh yeah, and if I'm not aloud to make a party and advertise it on here for Countdown, the admins can take it down, I just think it'll be a great time for players and Countdown fans to party! So feel free to come!

List of Possible Guests So Far:









Heather rocks



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