OK, so overall, I was psyched watching the first week in action! I love this show, and I am gonna make sure I make it onto next season. Anyways, this week, there were a few players who stood out, and a few who need to edit more. So I am going to rank the 14 remaining players in the order of how well I think they did this week, and I will comment on them a bit.

14. EdGeorgenCody - Well this week, as TDAwesome15 said, his teammate was pretty inactive, with only 7 mainspace edits. However, if he can step up his edit count and become more acitve, he may become a stronger player as the game progresses

13. Reddude - I think he has so much confident that his teammate, Fedora Kid, will do a lot of edits for him, to keep his team alive, and that he doesn't need to make as many... but either way, his edit count wasn't very high for week 1, but I expect him to inproove, because I think everyone will improove by the end ;)

12. Izzyfan - Well this week her team was one of the closest to being up for the vote (if there would've been a vote) and it was mostly the fault of her, because Jason made the majority of edits. I think she very well may improove later on though

11. Numbuh3 - I don't know... I usually see her editing blogs more than mainspace... but whatever, she could improove, I've heard rumors of the Pink Team being one of the best, but from Week 1, it looks like the rumors may be wrong. We'll have to wait and see...

10. Lizcat68 - Once again, a member of the Amazing Pink Team. I don't know if these guys will be as good as they were predicted to be, but there is a chance.

9. Crashman 85 - Well he's on vacation, but yet he STILL got more edits than any of the above! I mean, that just shows determination! Anyways, I have a feeling he WILL for sure improove once he gets off of vacation, but for week 1, I have to keep him low.

8. JasonAlexande08 - He has been doing fairly well to keep his team alive, do to Izzyfan's verly low edit count. However, he, just like many other players, needs to improove just a bit.

7. TDAwesome15 - OK, you gotta give this guy a bit of credit, for his determination. Even though everyone thought he would be one of the first teams to go, he tried the best that he could to help his team avoid elimination. If he keeps up, his efforts may succeed, and the Pink and Purple Teams may be in trouble...

6. JacksonFive - OK, I am SHOCKED how nicely balanced the Yellow Team is. Jackson and Cartoon BOTH get a decent amount of edits, and I expect the team to make the merge 100% sure. As for Jackson himself, he's a great player, 60 edits is above average, especially considering half of the players were under 30.


5. Kgman04 - I know he made 319 or somethign edits, but remember, the guy is for himself now. One bad week, he's gone, and voted off for good. He's one of the biggest threats. Edit wise, he's fantastic, but I have a feeling he may get a little overconfident, which may cost him the game.

4. Mygeto - I know, I'm putting the highest editors lower than people, but I like to root for the underdogs, and Mygeto, just like Kg, I assume will have one bad week, which might cost him it.

3. The Cartoon - Like I said, the Yellow Team is the best combo, and WILL be in the merge. Because if one of them has a bad week, the other can cover for it. And I have a feeling The Cartoon could cover really well. I'm rooting on the Yellow Team all the way!

OK this one is a tough decision, as these are my 2 favorite players in the contest, but I gotta go:

2. TotalDramaAddict - I must say, You really suprised me. I mean you are newer to the wiki (like me) and you just didn't seem like you would do well in this type of competition. But I think you've prooved yourself, with a whopping near 100 edits, I think that even on your own, you WILL go far.

1. Fedora Kid - Yeah I love this guy's work :P Anyways he is kinda like TDAwesome15. An underrated team, that shows the viewers that they're more than meets the eye. But I'd love to see him win, it'd be awesome. I'd be really awesome...

I know this isn't really judging COMPLETELY on Week 1 edit counts, cause towards the bottom, it kinda goes to people that are my friends on the wiki... But anyways, now I'm gonna rank the teams!

8. Pink Team - I don't expect this team to improove as much as expect the others to. I believe it'll be eliminated this week.

7. Orange Team - Although I admire the confidence, the total edit count isn't going to win them the competion, but they may get far, if they form an alliance.

6. Purple Team - I really think this team is going to start to get AMAZING. And I would love to see that happen. But since they haven't shown me AMAZING yet, they remain at 6.

5. Green Team - TDAddict is alone, and I don't know how long he can keep up without a teammate... but I think he has a good chance, definately.

4. Red Team - Due to Reddude's lower edit count, I believe Fedora may have problems in the future, and they may be eliminated.

3. Blue Team - He's alone. And I'm pretty sure he's gonna have a bad week, which'll cost him BIG TIME.

2. Beige Team - Once Crashman gets back from vaca, the may ACTUALLY move above Yellow. But we'll see.

1. YELLOW TEAM - As I said above, best match ever, 2 great editors, and lucky enough to be on the same team. They're going far, FOR SURE.

I might do this every week... I don't know I am just SO OBSESSED WITH THIS GAME! I can't wait for Week 2 (And Season 3 :P), so be prepared for more of my predictions. Until then, see ya ;)

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