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  • NegativeNoah666

    OK, due to some complaints on the blog, I'm just going to do weekly power rankings, without explanations, as they could reveal strategies or offend someone. So here's the weeks power rankings:

    9/8. SethAllred343/TDobsessed88

    7. Phil123

    6. Aimers

    5. Bigez620

    4. Musou

    3. Bbhinton15

    2. NegativeNoah666

    1. Webkinz Mania

    Also, I'll be setting my personal goal, this week, that's 350.

    Goal: 350

    Edits So Far: 143

    Edits Needed: 207

    P.S. May update power rankings and goal as week progresses.

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  • NegativeNoah666

    Week 2 baby! Jam's a goner, as she was always the weakest editor in my opinion. As for Kenzen vs BB... that was a shock, I never thought Kenzen would actually be close to survival XD But this next week I don't know if I'll do AS well as last week, my goal is Top 5 editors. Unfortunately, I was just a few off from my goal last week, and didn't accomplish it. The no teams thing was another shock, I mean it shows I wrote out all those team possiblities for absolutely nothing :/ Anyways, starting predictions here we go.

    OK, let's get things started! Here we go!

    12. Bbhinton15 - OK, let's face it, EVERY PLAYER LEFT IN THIS GAME HAS POTENTIAL. There are only TWO users who DIDN'T reach 100 last week. And since you were one of them, you rank 12th.


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  • NegativeNoah666

    Week 1 is finally here! So what I'm gonna do is write an update every day (unless I skip a day) and have a section for each day of the week I make updates! So let's begin with today :D

    OK, let's begin! One of my team predictions of the last blog was correct! He's eliminating 2 peepz in week 1! So it looks like he's making either 3 teams of 4, or 4 teams of 3. Oh well, I've seen today's editing, so I'm going to rank the people, based on their edit counts so far, and most of em are already murdering the wiki with edits XD

    14. Kenzen11 - He's leaving this week. There is no way he'll survive. He has NO chance at all. No offense, but you are BY FAR a weaker editor than every other player in this game.

    13. Bbhinton15 - I really don't want him gone,…

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  • NegativeNoah666

    Countdown Kickoff!

    October 15, 2010 by NegativeNoah666

    OK guys, I decided, that since Countdown Season 3 is just around the corner, we should all have a get together party to mingle with the other contestants, and celebrate the fact that the epic showdown is in it's third season! So I have this part planned for Sunday where any Season 3 contestant, Nalyd, any past countdown contestant, and any fan of the show may come to enjoy. The party will be on my chatbox, listed below. This will give players from past seasons the chance to give current players advice, time for the S3 players to make alliances and plans for the upcoming season, and us time to thank Nalyd (asuming he comes) for making this awesome competish that we all know and love. And if you've never been in countdown, you can just come …

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  • NegativeNoah666

    Well whether i get in or not, I'm doing predictions again this time, however, last season I kinda slacked off on predictions midway through, but this time, they'll be updated each week, and each one will have it's own blog post, unlike last season, where they were all in one. This will have my predictions and thoughts on anything that happens before the competition. So without further ado, let's begin =D

    OK, to start things off, I am going to research the 10 confirmed contestants, and check out their activity on the wiki, to see who I think will do the best of the ten players (which I may or may not be playing against). So without further ado, I need to research the players, and then I'll post up those predictions :D

    10. Phil123 - Haven't se…

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