As all of you remember, I quit in October of 2010 and vowed to never return. I gave away my account to a pudgy Austrian boy who has been using my account ever since.

And now I'm finally back on the wiki!

How has everyone been?

I understand Gunther (the Austrian boy) made something called "Countdown to 10,000" and "The Game" in my absence, but they seem stupid and will never happen again ever.

Um... It seems like I've missed a lot. I assume KG and Jam are still President, Heather is the only TDWT winner, and by now TDRI must be over. I guess we should be expecting Total Drama Heroes vs. Villains in a few months!

Well, I'm back. Hi. I'll see ya guys on the IRC later. :) (Also, make sure all your comments have at least three words, I assume that rule is still around.)

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