So, as you all know, there's been fighting lately, lot of tension on the wiki. As far as I'm concerned, people are just bored. There's really no need for all the fighting that's going on as far as I'm concerned, people are just so bored they have nothing better to do than fight with internet strangers. So, I mean no offense with this blog, I'm just writing this for comedy's sake and I hope that maybe, somewhere, one user will maybe realize how ridiculous this fighting is. If anybody is offended by this, let me know so I can apologize, don't harbor secret hate for me.

Hey, users, over here. It's me, Nalyd. Don't worry, it's just us now. The admins have already gone to the comment section to tell me there's no fighting. (Am I the only one who's noticed whenever there's a fight involving an admin, the admins are always the first to stand up and say, "No, we're not fighting." Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if Leshawna slapped out Heather's tooth then said to Alejandro, "Sorry, we were just debating.")

Okay, the admins have returned and we may continue the blog. What really started the blogs about admins vs. users was Jam's blog. For those who don't know, Jam is co-president, which means she takes 50% of the blame for everything when something goes wrong, and the other co-president takes the other 50% of the blame. Jam asked three simple questions, and got very different answers. Here are my answers.

  • What qualities do you believe a good administrator should have?

I'm looking for an admin who likes pina coladas and getting caught in the rain.

  • How much confidence do you hold in the current administrators of this wiki?

I don't even know all the current administrators. Didn't they just promote a bunch of people a while ago?

  • Do you trust the current administrators to lead this wiki in the right direction, or would you rather see things done different or by someone else?

I think this question would be better if all the admins were even on the same page. Seems to me a lot of the admins are all over the place with their opinions.

Then came Liz's blog. Prior to this I had very little opinion of Liz as an admin. I never really talked to Liz as a user, and when she was promoted to admin I was surprised. So this blog really was like my first impression of Liz.

"The wiki is fine how it is. I like the current admins. I feels though our rollbacks need a few changes though." - I liked this comment. I would like you all to take this into consideration and reply about it in a comment, email or PM. -- Liz

I also liked this comment. If anybody wants to write a song or a poem or an essay or a short story or novel or theater production or movie or fanfiction or cartoon or law about this comment, feel free too.

"I'll admit Bigez and Lizcat also contribute a lot," - I also liked this comment. -- Liz

Then Liz made another blog. I think Liz officially wins the award for Sassiest admin.

Please, users, look at the colorful, neat, and vandalism free design of the Total Drama Wiki. It is nice, is it not? I believe so, but that's just me. - Liz

Okay, so, Liz goes onto explain the admins are not a clique. What I find interesting is that she says this by pointing out that some admins do talk to regular users. However, for a long time, users have seen the clique as a select few admins making sure they're enemies are banned/demoted, and they protect each other from that. Luckily, Liz saw this, and went to fix this.

I can assure you that the admins do not stand up for each other, or watch each other backs...Trust me, each and every admin has a problem with at least one other admin. And, I can almost guarantee that every admins strongly dislikes at least another admin. -- Liz

Don't worry guys, they're not a clique, they hate each other too much to try to help each other. (In Liz's defense, I did remove a line about friendship, but I think it's funnier this way.) On a serious note though, maybe there isn't a clique, maybe there is. Right now there is some evidence to support the idea of a clique, but I don't think there's hard proof. I know in the past there's been cliques, but who knows.

In conclusion, after those blogs, I like Liz. She comes across as angry in some of her comments on her blogs, but then I talked to her about some of it and she was like "LOL, kay. :D" This means Liz is actually a very happy person who was stressed out, or Liz has the greatest poker face of all time. Liz, I'd like to formally invite you to my next IRC poker night, but you gotta promise to give me 50% of your winnings.

Alright, everyone (excluding Liz who is probably plotting some sort of horrible revenge against me involving a chainsaw and a kangaroo), time to move on to the next blog. The balanced and unbiased blog written by me. Nothing really to say about the blog itself, but there was a fight, excuse me, conversation between FH and Jam. Jam called FH inactive, and FH replied five days later. However, FH is trying to be active again, so I think the blog did what it needed to do. I made that blog to try and help some admins work out some of their problems, and now FH is editing again. (At this point in the blog, FH has left to help Liz with that chainsaw.)

Last but certainly not least was KG's blog. What I like about this one is that KG didn't sugar coat it, which is probably would because I would have eaten the blog before anybody could read it.

Per KG's request, I will end this blog. Hope you guys enjoyed this, but if I offended you with anything let me know. This was just meant to be funny.

P.S. I oppose the removal of Featured Image, but I support the removal of the oppose option. If there's a problem with pictures winning with negative scores, why not just remove the oppose option?

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